Built By: Vickers (Canada)
Build Group: H Group 1
Fate: Submarine H5 had sailed for a patrol in the Irish Sea. In the morning of Saturday, 2nd March 1918 the Submarine was sighted after it had crossed the bows of a steamer, the SS Rutherglen. The Captain of the Rutherglen believed that he had come across a U-Boat and he rammed the submarine resulting in the loss of all the crew. SS Rutherglen was herself sunk on 24th April 1918 after being torpedoed by a U-Boat whilst on passage between Gibraltar and Genoa.

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Commissioning officers were:

  • Lieut. Cromwell H. Varley, RN
  • CO, Lieut F. Busbridge, RN
  • 1st Lieut and A/Lt. Wm. Lowell Thompson, RNVR, a Canadian from Ucluelet, BC.

Roll of Honour

H R Alford  Stoker 1st Class
JHA Anson  Lieutenant Sir
E T Ashmore  Stoker 1st Class
S F Bluett  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
N G Burgess  Lieutenant RNR
EWF Childs  Ensign The only USN submariner casualty of WW1
C J Colbran  Petty Officer DSM
F A Darvill  Petty Officer DSM
R C Elliott  Able Seaman
A W Forbes  Lieutenant DSO
G D Heath  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Heath  Leading Stoker DSM
F C Hibbert  Stoker 1st Class
S C Hurst  Able Seaman
Kelly  Able Seaman
F A Layzell  Able Seaman
Lewis  Able Seaman
Lloyd  Stoker Petty Officer
P J Newman  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
PEE Payne  Signalman
H B Roberts  Stoker 1st Class
J H Rowe  Petty Officer
Smith  Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class DSM
Smith  Stoker Petty Officer
Snowden  Weapons Training Officer
JGM Thompson  Boy Telegraphist
F D Wall  Petty Officer DSM


11-01-1915 : Laid Down
01-04-1915 : Launched
02-03-1918 : The steamer Rutherglen sighted a submarine, which crossed its bows at considerable speed. Believing the submarine to be a U-boat Rutherglen rammed the vessel. Cries were heard in the water and a strong smell of petrol was also present. Nothing more was heard from H5 and it is believed that she was Rutherglen's victim.


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