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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: Holland
Fate: Sold for scrap in October 1913. It was while being towed to Portsmouth that she foundered and was lost only to be rediscovered in April 1981. She was restored at Gosport Submarine Museum.

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Lost & Found

Holland 1 brought to the surface
Holland 1 brought to the surface

Used for training purposes at Fort Blockhouse. Holland 1 foundered off the Eddystone Lighthouse, while on tow. Incredibly, in April 1981, the wreck of Holland 1 was found.

The Royal Marine Auxiliary Service Vessel Pintail began the final stages of recovery in November 1982. The submarine was lifted from the seabed in Plymouth Sound and brought into No 12 Dock in Devonport Dockyard, where she was lowered onto a cradle. The dock was then completely pumped-out and work began on the preservation of the hull structure.

Marine growth was cleaned off by water blasting inside and outside the hull to enable a team from DMP Marine to treat the hull with a chemical compound called Fertan. This product is said to convert rust into a solid material and prevents further corrosion of the steel hull.

Recovery of the hull began in the summer when the diving support ship Seaforth Clansman began the work of clearing the immense amount of debris from the hull. Lifting strops were placed around the vessel and she was raised from the seabed off Eddystone Light and brought into Plymouth Sound where she was beached in about 25 ft of water off Drakes Island.

Work then began on the removal of her batteries to lighten the load for the final lift. Some 36 of the batteries were removed from inside the hull and proved to be in remarkably good condition.

After the immediate preservation work was complete, Holland 1 was be cut into three sections by the Dockyard, in readiness for transporting by the Royal Corps of Transport to her final resting place, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Gosport.

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02-10-1901 : Launched
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02-02-1903 : Completed


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