Built By: Portsmouth Dockyard
Build Group: J
Fate: Scrapped in February 1924.

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J2 Commissioning Crew on 25th March 1919


Name Rank Service Awards Appointment
Claude Barrington Barry Lt RN   In Command
Cyril Eltringham Lowther Lt RN   First Lieutenant
Charles Stanley Sim Temp Lt RNR DSC Navigator
Frank Lockwood Larkins Sub Lt RAN   Trainee
Victor Gordon Scott Art Eng RN MBE, DSM Engineer


Name Rating Awards RAN O/N RN O/N
James Frederick Fagence PO Coxswain   9245 237767
Alfred Brown PO (TGM)   9239 238531
William Charles Miller PO (TGM)   9251 238595
George Alfred Bratton LSea   9238 J12817
John Francis Hugh Payne LSea (LTO)   9253 J12198
Alfred Mordant Polyblank LSea (ST) DSM, MID 9256 223861
Frank Richard Smith AB   9262 J5469
Thomas Jones AB (ST)   9248 J26278
Harold Sidney Austin AB   9236 J19765
John Herbert Edwards AB   9244 J4107
Thomas Nell AB   9252 J53609
James Highman Willey AB (ST)   9268 J25637
Alfred Edward Williams AB (ST)   9269 J19793
Henry James Waldron LSig   9266 J6523
Charles Albert Harry Freestone LTel   9246 J15536
John Thomas Brown Tel   9240 J57838
Walter Townley CERA   9265 269840
Albert William Courtnay Maggs CERA DSM 9250 270897
William Alfred Bridges ERA 3   9271 M4620
Albert Siddle ERA 3   9273 M6106
William Victor Spencer ERA 3   9274 M7837
Walter Parsons ERA 4   9272 M4121
James Stewart SPO   9263 288545
Herbert Howard A/SPO   9247 K1620
John Allan Chilvers LSto   9241 K12604
Frederick William Perrin LSto   9254 363941
William Sheen LSto   9260 K9908
Walter Millis Webster A/LSto   9267 K20378
William David Bevans Sto 1   9275 K22316
William Oliver Clark Sto 1   9276 K15582
George Henry Thorley Sto 1   9264 K21752
Frederick William Pilley Sto 1   9255 K21406
Robert William Ralph Sto 1   9257 K15996
John Henry Renshaw (Beard) Sto 1   9258 K14769
Edward Paynter Sto 1   9216 K23130
Walter James Botting Sto 1   9237 K17562
Patrick Dennehy Sto 1   9243 K26414
William John Sibley Sto 1   9261 K22879
William Sidney Lewis Sto 1   9518 K20859


03-05-1915 : Laid Down
06-11-1915 : Launched
01-07-1916 : Completed
25-03-1919 : Transferred to Australia


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