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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: K Group 1
Fate: Sunk during the same night exercise as K4 was sank after colliding with another vessel HMS Fearless off May Island on 31st January 1918.

Sunk in collision with HMS Fearless at night during Fleet exercise. (Battle of May Island) Nine survivors one of which was Harry Fulcher (Stoker) who had just been releived to come on deck for some air when the collision took place. He survived to tell his story again to the Tottenham Herald in 1969.


28-08-1914 : The fearless led the 1st Destroyer Flotilla of the Harwich force, and fought at the Heligoland Bight action on August 28,1914
01-06-1916 : Laid Down
10-04-1917 : Launched
20-09-1917 : Completed
31-01-1918 : Whilst taking part in exercises off May Island, K17 was astern of HMS Courageous when the latter changed course to avoid two trawlers, which were spotted ahead. K17 turned but K22 and K14 were involved in a collision. Meanwhile HMS Fearless was steaming at 21 knots towards the area oblivious of the accident. Suddenly the Fearless appeared over the horizon and ploughed into K17, water gushed into the boat through the pierced pressure hull. The order to abandon ship was quickly given. Within 8 minutes K17 had disappeared. The survivors were now in the water and the other submarines attempted to pick them up. Sadly the destroyers were unaware of the location of the accident and ploughed through the survivors.


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