Built By: Portsmouth Dockyard
Build Group: K Group 1
Fate: Foundered and sunk in the Bay of Biscay on 20th January 1921 for reasons unknown.

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13-11-1915 : Laid Down
16-12-1916 : Launched
01-06-1917 : Completed
31-07-1918 : Two members of the crew were accidentally lost overboard and were drowned. They were: Chief Stoker George Lewis Booker and Sto1 Michael Jordan
20-01-1921 : HMS K5 sailed from Torbay as part of a fleet bound for Spain, which included the Cruiser Inconstant and Submarines K8, K9, K15 and K22. It was decided to conduct a mock battle in the Bay of Biscay and the vessels split up to take their positions. A signal was received from K5 that she was diving, but she failed to reappear at the end of the exercise. An hour before dusk a battery cover from a K boat was recovered and the next morning a sailor's ditty box was found - the last trace of K5. It is believed an accident caused K5 to exceed her maximum diving depth.


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