Built By: Devonport Dockyard
Build Group: K Group 1
Fate: Scrapped in September 1921

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K-7, running submerged in the Channel, was mistaken for a U-boat by two destroyers and, minutes later, depth charges were exploding all around her. Gilbert Kellet, her skipper, managed to wriggle clear and, surfacing, plaintively signalled that 'he was on their side'.

Later that day Kellet had the luck to spot a U-boat on the surface but, influenced by the K-boat's malevolent hoodoo, his first torpedo missed. Undismayed he followed up with a salvo of four. One of them struck the U-boat fair and square on the beam. But with typical K-boat luck, it failed to explode. Kellet brought K-7 to the surface intending to use his superior speed but the German skipper was an equally cunning adversary. He took one look at the smoke belching giant erupting from the sea like some primeval marine monster and hurriedly dived for cover. It was now Kellet's turn to be exposed on the surface and deciding not to play any more, he steamed K-7 away from the area as fast as he could.


08-11-1915 : Laid Down
31-05-1916 : Launched
01-02-1917 : Completed


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