Built By: Pembroke Dockyard
Build Group: L Group 2
Fate: The only L Class to be lost in the war. Sunk north of Terschelling by German destroyer S33 off river Texel, 30th October 1918

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Submarine L10 was sunk (with all hands) on the morning of 3rd October 1918 by gunfire from the German Destroyer S33. Lieutenant Commander Whitehouse made a torpedo attack on the German Destroyer S33 as it was engaged in trying to rescue survivors of its sister ship, the Destroyer S34, which had run into a minefield. In making his attack on S33 Lieutenant Commander Whitehouse inadvertently allowed the submarine’s conning tower to broach the surface. This was sighted by S33, which then made its successful gun attack resulting in the loss of Submarine L10. L10’s attack on S33 was eventually successful as the destroyer was so badly damaged that she had to be sunk by other German forces.

Roll of Honour

W F Baker  Leading Telegraphist
J A Banks  Able Seaman
P H Bird  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
E R Blackman  Stoker
L S Bontor  Lieutenant
S L Brinjes  Lieutenant RNR
P H Charlton  Leading Stoker
D E Cox  Able Seaman
A T Denton  Stoker
S E Elkington  Stoker
T H Epps  Able Seaman
Eyres  Chief Stoker DSM
M  Gleeson  Leading Seaman
Graham  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class RNVR
H A Grant  Able Seaman
Greener  Able Seaman
A A Gurney  Chief Petty Officer
G H Hawkins  Stoker
Hayward  Leading Stoker
C J Hughes  Able Seaman
F E Hutchings  Stoker
S J Hutchings  Petty Officer
Langston  Stoker
Link  Leading Seaman
Maynard  Able Seaman
E F McCarthy  Able Seaman
A W Nunn  Stoker
N F Owen  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
E J Pulman  Signalman
Rawson  Stoker
H L Smith  Artificer Engineer DFC
J A Stewart  Stoker
H G Walkden  Leading Stoker RAN
Walsh  Stoker
W J Weir  Chief Engine Room Artificer
W M Weir  Telegraphist
J A Wheatley  Lieutenant
A E Whitehouse  Lieutenant Commander
E G Whybrow  Leading Seaman


26-02-1917 : Laid Down
24-01-1918 : Launched
01-06-1918 : Completed


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