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Seahorse (S98)

Built By: Chatham Dockyard (Medway)
Build Group: S Group 1
Fate: Mined while moving between Zones E and B in the Heligoland Bight.

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Roll of Honour

C Armstrong  Yeoman of Signals
J Baker  Lieutenant
H Bazley  Telegraphist
A Cain  Able Seaman
U Clatworthy  Petty Officer
A Cockburn  Warrant Engineer
J Combe  Telegraphist
J Comer  Leading Stoker
G Cott  Leading Stoker
J Dunwell  Leading Seaman
W Eldridge  Leading Stoker
F Eyre  Leading Seaman
J Fleming  Lieutenant
R Hines  Stoker 1st Class
J Hyde  Stoker 1st Class
J Jenkinson  Telegraphist
J Kewell  Leading Stoker
D Lawrenson  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
P Lee  Stoker Petty Officer
J Marshall  Stoker 1st Class
D Massy-Dawson  Lieutenant
R Mayne  Able Seaman
A Morgan  Leading Seaman
W Packer  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
D Perham  Stoker 1st Class
J Phipps  Leading Stoker
A Pughe  Petty Officer Telegraphist
A Skilling  Petty Officer
A Smith  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
S Stanton  Able Seaman
A Steventon  Leading Stoker
E Summers  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
W Thain  Lieutenant RNR
E Watson  Stoker 1st Class
R Wesson  Able Seaman
E Westbury  Able Seaman
J White  Petty Officer
H Windley  Able Seaman



14-09-1931 : Laid Down
15-11-1932 : Launched
02-10-1933 : Completed
24-08-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Dundee to take up a patrol position to the south-west of Stavanger, Norway. When the war with Germany commenced this became her 1st war patrol.
05-09-1939 : While on the return passage to Dundee HMS Seahorse was bombed in error by a British Anson of 233 Squadron which dropped two 100lb A/S bombs. She sustained some damage which required her to dock.

Seahorse had dived when the aircraft was sighted but her after hydroplanes jammed and depth control was lost. In the meantime two depth charges were dropped by the aircraft but these caused no damage. Seahorse then broached and her bow came out of the water. A third depth charge was then dropped but this also caused no damage. Before Seahorse was able to submerge again a fourth depth charge was dropped very close which shook the submarine severely but it caused no damage. Seahorse then went down again and hit the bottom heavily at 220 feet causing damage to her A/S dome.

The aircraft had dived so low that the explosions of the bombs damaged it seriously and it had to ditch but the two airmen were rescued.
06-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse ended her 1st war patrol at Dundee but moved to Rosyth later the same day.
07-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse was docked at Rosyth.
11-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse was undocked.
12-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse moved from Rosyth to Dundee.
16-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Dundee for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the south-west coast of Norway.
17-09-1939 : HMS Seahorse fires four torpedoes against the German submarine U-36 in the North Sea. All torpedoes fired missed their target.
02-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse ended her 2nd war patrol at Dundee.
04-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse moved from Dundee to Rosyth where she was immediately docked.
08-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse was undocked at Rosyth and returned to Dundee.
14-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse moved from Dundee to Rosyth.
17-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Rosyth for her 3rd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the south coast of Norway/Skagerrak.
30-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse sighted a submarine. An attack was started but before torpedoes could be fired the submarine dived. This was most likely U-21 which was patrolling in the same area but the U-boat did not observe the British submarine.
31-10-1939 : HMS Seahorse ended her 3rd war patrol at Rosyth.
09-11-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Rosyth for Blyth.
10-11-1939 : HMS Seahorse arrived at Blyth.
12-11-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Blyth for her 4th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the North Sea to the north-west of The Netherlands.
18-11-1939 : During the morning HMS Seahorse operating off Terschelling, sighted two Roeder-class destroyers but could not get in an attacking position.
28-11-1939 : HMS Seahorse ended her 4th war patrol at Blyth.
29-11-1939 : HMS Seahorse was docked at Blyth.
12-12-1939 : HMS Seahorse was undocked.
13-12-1939 : HMS Seahorse (Lt. D.S. Massy-Dawson, RN) departed Blyth for her 5th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the British east coast.
15-12-1939 : HMS Seahorse ended her 5th war patrol at Blyth after having been recalled.
26-12-1939 : HMS Seahorse departed Blyth for her 6th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the Heligoland Bight.
07-01-1940 : HMS Seahorse sunk

On 26th December 1939 HMS Seahorse sailed from Rosyth for patrol off the east coast of Denmark. Four days later she shifted position to the entrance of the Elbe. She did not return on her due date of 9th January 1940. It was first thought that she had been mined but German records, examined after the war, suggested she was the victim of the German First Minesweeper Flotilla which reported a sustained depth charge attack on an unidentified submarine on 7th January 1940.

Thanks to the research of Mr Bob Coppock of the RN Historical Branch, it is now accepted that Seahorse was mined while moving between Zones E and B in the Heligoland Bight. The wreck has been discovered off the Danish coast.


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