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Snapper (N39)

Built By: Chatham Dockyard (Medway)
Build Group: S Group 2
Fate: Lost in the Bay of Biscay cause unknown on 11th February 1941.
Snapper (N39)
Snapper (N39)

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Roll of Honour

Ashby  Lieutenant RNR
Bashford  Leading Stoker
Bell  Leading Stoker
Chittleburgh  Leading Seaman
Clements  Leading Seaman
Cooper  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class DSM
Dobbie  Able Seaman
Doucy  Able Seaman
Farmer  Leading Stoker
Furlong  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Gray  Able Seaman
Halloran  Weapons Engineer
Hill  Stoker 1st Class
Hobbs  Leading Telegraphist
Jones  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Laker  Chief Petty Officer
Lawson  Leading Seaman
Matthews  Petty Officer MID
McCleave  Stoker 1st Class
Mellows  Able Seaman
Munro  Leading Stoker
Nesling  Leading Signalman
Palmer  Able Seaman
Parsons  Leading Stoker DSM
Penny  Leading Seaman
Plumb  Stoker Petty Officer
Prowse  Lieutenant
Stewart  Petty Officer
Straw  Stoker 1st Class
Thompson  Telegraphist
Watson  Stoker 1st Class
White  Stoker 1st Class
White  Able Seaman
Winder  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class


18-09-1933 : Laid Down
14-06-1935 : Completed
25-10-1935 : Launched
03-12-1939 : HMS Snapper is mistakenly attacked by a British aircraft when returning to Harwich after a patrol in the North Sea. Although suffering a direct hit no damage was done.
12-04-1940 : HMS Snapper sinks the small German tanker Moonsund with gunfire off Larvik, Norway.
14-04-1940 : While operating in the Skaggerak HMS Snapper torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Florida.
15-04-1940 : Still operating in the Skaggerak HMS Snapper torpedoed and sinks the German auxiliary minesweepers M 1701/H.M. Behrens and M 1702/Carsten Janssen north-east of Skagen, Denmark.
06-05-1940 : HMS Snapper attackes the German armed merchant cruiser Schiff 21/Widder with 2 torpedoes east of Denmark. However the torpedoes miss their target.
25-06-1940 : HMS Snapper torpedoes and sinks the German armed trawler V 1107/Portland south of Stavanger, Norway.
03-07-1940 : HMS Snapper torpedoes and sinks the Norwegian merchant Cygnus west of Hadryet, Norway.
11-02-1941 : HMS Snapper sailed from the Clyde to patrol in the Bay of Biscay off Ushant. She was not heard from again. It is possible that she fell victem to German minefield.

However it is also possible that she was sunk by German warships since a submarine attacked the German minesweepers M-2, M-13 and M-25 on the night of the 10/11th February in the area where Snapper might have been. The submarine was subjected to a counterattack in which 56 depth charges were dropped


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