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Tantivy (P319)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: T Group 3
Fate: Used as a target in 1951.

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Ex P99

Post Horn Heralds Subs Return

Coventry Evening Telegraph, Thursday, 10 May 1945

Sounding a hunting horn HMS Tantivy returned to a home base from Far Eastern waters recently. Instead of the customary Jolly Roger she flies a black flag bearing the mark of a fox over crossed hunting horns. The Tantivy has taken her hunting horn to sea on all her patrols. It was sounded for the first time when she returned to a Far Eastern base after scoring her first torpedo success, a Japanese supply ship.

The commanding officer, Lt. P. H. May DSC of Monksheaton, Northumberland said

the hunting horn was presented by the builders and the success flag was made and presented to us by Barrow Grammar School for Girls who have unofficially adopted us and have been exceedingly kind to us.


04-07-1942 : Laid Down
06-04-1943 : Launched
25-07-1943 : Completed
07-05-1944 : HMS Tantivy sinks a Siamese sailing vessel with gunfire of the west coast of Siam.
07-06-1944 : HMS Tantivy lays mines in the Strait of Malacca.
05-09-1944 : HMS Tantivy sinks a merchant cargo ship off Sumatra
21-10-1944 : While operating in Makassar Strait HMS Tantivy sinks with gunfire, eight small Japanese vessels.
22-10-1944 : While operating in Makassar Strait HMS Tantivy sinks the Japanese Communications Vessel No. 137. Tantivy also sinks 6 small vessels that are unidentified with gunfire.
23-10-1944 : HMS Tantivy sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in Makassar Strait.
25-10-1944 : HMS Tantivy sinks the Japanese barge No. 136 and the Japanese motor sailing vessel Tachibana Maru No.47 with gunfire off Miro, Sumbawa, Netherlands East Indies.
03-02-1945 : HMS Tantivy sinks a Japanese tug and two Japanese coasters with gunfire in Panjang harbour, southern Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.


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