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Trespasser (P312)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: T Group 3
Fate: Scrapped on 26th September 1961 at Gateshead.
Trespasser (P312)
Trespasser (P312)
Trespasser (P312)
Trespasser (P312)

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Ex P92

Dec 1942 - Took part in convoy protection duties off North Cape.


08-09-1941 : Laid Down
29-05-1942 : Launched
25-09-1942 : Completed
30-05-1943 : While on patrol in the Gulf of Lyon HMS Trespasser fires three torpedoes at a dead whale ......... oops !
08-06-1943 : HMS Trespasser fires 6 torpedoes at the German auxilary patrol vessel Uj 6073/Nimeth Allah off Toulon, southern France. The torpedoes miss their target.
13-07-1943 : HMS Trespasser sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel V8/Filippo with gunfire 25 miles south of Bastia, Italy.
18-02-1944 : HMS Trespasser torpedoes and damages the Japanese auxiliary gunboat Eifuku Maru off Burma.
26-09-1961 : Scrapped at Gateshead.


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