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Truncheon (P353)

Built By: Devonport Dockyard
Build Group: T Group 3
Fate: Sold to Israeli Navy and renamed Dolphin in January 1968.

1950/1951, moderately streamlined for noise reduction, by the removal of the gun and other appendages. The bow external tubes were removed but this was widespread in the post-war fleet. It is notable the stern facing midship tubes were retained. As was the snort. The purpose of this modest conversion was the fitting of USN JT sonar. Various Submarine vs Submarine exercises and trials were carried with scientists aboard. The submarine was fully operational. Later in 1951 the submarine was taken to Chatham to be converted into a stretched high underwater speed, fully streamlined submarine.


05-11-1942 : Laid Down
22-02-1944 : Launched
25-05-1945 : Completed


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