Tuna (N94)

Built By: Scotts (Clyde)
Build Group: T Group 1
Fate: Scrapped in June 1946 at Briton Ferry.
Tuna (N94)
Tuna (N94)

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13-06-1938 : Laid Down
10-05-1940 : Launched
01-08-1940 : Completed
01-09-1940 : HMS Tuna fires torpedoes at a submarine in the North Sea about 175 nautical east of Dundee, Scotland. All torpedoes fired missed their target.
22-09-1940 : HMS Tuna torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Tirrana in the Bay of Biscay south of the Gironde estuary, about 15 nautical miles south-west of Soulac-sur-Mer, France.
24-09-1940 : HMS Tuna torpedoes and sinks the German catapult ship Ostmark in the Bay of Biscay about 35 nautical miles south-west of St. Nazaire, France.
18-12-1940 : HMS Tuna attacks the Italian submarine Brin with torpedoes and gunfire in the Bay of Biscay about 55 nautical miles east of the Gironde estuary. The Italian submarine escapes unharmed. Later HMS Tuna sinks the French tug Chassiron with gunfire about 25 nautical miles west-south-west of the Gironde estuary.
10-07-1941 : While on patrol in the Bay of Biscay HMS Tuna fires two torpedoes at a submerged Asdic contact which is thought to be an enemy submarine. The torpedoes miss their target.
19-07-1941 : HMS Tuna fires 6 torpedoes at the German tanker Benno escorted by the German minesweepers M 18, M 25, M 27 and M 30 60 nautical miles north-west of the Gironde estuary. Although six detanations were heard all torpedoes missed their target.
07-12-1942 : HMS Tuna delivered the "Cockleshell Heroes" to the mouth of the Gironde for their daring raid on Bordeaux, France in which 6 German ships were mined. The raid was called Operation Frankton, and only two of the 12 men returned..
07-04-1943 : The German submarine U-644 was sunk in the North Sea north-west of Narvik, Norway, by torpedoes from the British submarine HMS Tuna.
14-04-1943 : HMS Tuna attacks the German submarine U-302 with 4 torpedoes south of Jan Mayen Island. The torpedoes miss their target.


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