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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: T Group 3
Fate: Mined north of Corsica on or about 2 Jan 1943.
Practice torpedo is loaded onto P311 at Holy Loch, Scotland, 1942 alongside HMS Forth

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Roll of Honour

A Adams  Petty Officer Telegraphist
R Anderson  Ordinary Seaman RNR
R Anderson  Ordinary Seaman Chariot crew lost with P311
L Auty  Able Seaman
D Bennett  Ordinary Seaman
H Blackwell  Stoker 1st Class
L Bond  Stoker 1st Class
G Bonnell  Lieutenant DSC RCNVR, Chariot crew lost with P311
C Brock  Able Seaman
J Brown  Leading Telegraphist
W Bruce  Stoker 1st Class
C Buckley  Lieutenant RNVR
T Bulford  Stoker 1st Class
W Burton  Able Seaman
C Carr  Petty Officer
R Cayley  Commander DSO
B Cheeseman  Telegraphist
R Clarke  Able Seaman
W Cooney  Able Seaman
P Donohue  Stoker Petty Officer
W Dye  Petty Officer
C Evans  Able Seaman
D Feltham  Able Seaman
R Foulkes  Able Seaman
W Foundling  Stoker 1st Class
H Foxon  Stoker 1st Class
T French  Stoker 1st Class
J Gee  Stoker 1st Class
J Gordon  Lieutenant (E)
G Goss  Sub-Lieutenant RNVR, Chariot crew lost with P311
J Griffiths  Stoker 2nd Class
E Hunt  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
C Iddiolis  Petty Officer
R Johns  Able Seaman
K Kerr  Lieutenant Chariot crew lost with P311
A Key  Able Seaman
C Kimberley  Chief Engine Room Artificer
J King  Petty Officer Steward MID
A Lee  Chief Petty Officer DSM
G Lord  Able Seaman
J Lord  Leading Telegraphist
J Lyth  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
I Macrae  Lieutenant
P Mapplebeck  Able Seaman
R Mapplebeck  Able Seaman Chariot crew lost with P311
R Martin  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
R McCombe  Stoker Petty Officer
W McLean  Ordinary Seaman
T McShane  Stoker 1st Class
G Metherell  Able Seaman
J Milligan  Stoker Petty Officer
T Moon  Yeoman of Signals
W Nesbitt  Able Seaman
A Newton  Able Seaman
P Pridham  Stoker Chariot crew lost with P311
R Pridham  Stoker 1st Class
M Quinn  Stoker 1st Class
J Redman  Leading Seaman
B revethan  Leading Seaman Chariot crew lost with P311
R Ribbands  Ordinary Seaman
B Rickwood  Leading Seaman
M Rickwood  Leading Seaman Chariot crew lost with P311
J Sargent  Sub-Lieutenant RNVR, Chariot crew lost with P311
J Sargent  Lieutenant RNVR
H Short  Leading Stoker
R Silver  Lieutenant
G Skippon  Leading Cook
A Squire  Chief Stoker
G Stretton-Smith  Lieutenant RNVR
S Stretton-Smith  Lieutenant RNVR, Chariot crew lost with P311
W Sutherland  Able Seaman
B Trevethan  Able Seaman
C Vokins  Leading Stoker


Ex P91

Submarine P311 (which was the only un-named T Class submarine - although the name of HMS Tutankhamen was to have been allocated but was never officially adopted - was taking part in an Operation to take Chariots to attack Italian shipping at the port of La Maddelena in Sicily. Submarine P311 was allocated three Chariots for this task. P311 had completed the passage through the Sicilian Channel (which was reported at 0130 on 31st December 1942).

No further reports were received from the Submarine and P311 was presumed lost in a minefield near La Maddelena on (or about) 2nd January 1943. There were no survivors from the crew of the Submarine. Also lost were the three Chariots - including Nos. X & XVIII, the three Chariot Crews (six personnel in all) and the team of four Dressers.

The date of the loss of the crew of Submarine P311 and her passengers is taken as 8th January 1943 which is the date that the submarine was due to arrive back at Malta.

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In November 1942 His Majesty's Submarine P311 slipped quietly from her moorings in Malta. She was never to return. Now, 73 years after her disappearance en-route to Sardinia, the vessel and her entombed 71 man crew have apparently been found gently resting on the seabed, off the Italian island of Tavolara


25-04-1941 : Laid Down
05-03-1942 : Launched
07-08-1942 : Completed
31-12-1942 : HMS P311, only unnamed T-class boat, was due to have been named Tutenkhamen. Fitted to carry human torpedoes (Chariots). Lost while engaged in Operation Principal, a chariot attack on Italian cruisers at La Maddalena.

Left Scotland in November 1942 with sister-boats Thunderbolt and Trooper after addition of human torpedo deck-mounted watertight containers direct for Malta. From there, sailed with Chariots for Operation Principle. Last signal on 31st December. Probably sunk by Italian mines in the approaches to Maddalena. Lost with all hands

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22 May 2016 a Italian shipwreks hunter found the P311 at a deep of 90 meters in front Tavolara Island (near Maddalena)... the sub is virtual intact with only the bow damaged by a possible mine explosion (seem confirmed that run into a Italian minefield).
This is the link to the press news
   Gianluigi Tue, 24 May 2016

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