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1940 - 1946: The 9th Foltilla

& Other Allied Submarines in the Royal Navy

The 9th Submarine Flotilla served from 1940 to 1946.

This was not a Class as such but an international flotilla comprising of British units along with Free French, Dutch, Norwegian and Polish crews after those countries had been overrun by the Nazis. Joined by Russian submarine crews from the summer of 1944. This section recalls the allied vessels which fled to the UK and those boats transfered from the Royal Navy to be crewed by allied crews which served in the 8th foltilla and others under operational control of the British Admiralty.

Multinational naval operations have become almost routine for western navies. .The naval cooperation formalised by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after World War II had its roots in the wartime experience of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, which incorporated the remnants of European navies driven from the continent by Germany. In particular, the RN's 9th Submarine Flotilla based at Dundee, Scotland, which comprised British, Polish, Free French, Norwegian, and Dutch submarines, for lessons concerning successful multinational naval operations



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