O9 (Dutch)

Build Group: O9
Fate: Decommissioned on 1 December 1944.
Sold to be broken up for scrap in October 1946.

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The submarine was built at the shipyard of Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde.

From 9 to 11 May 1940 she and O10 are on patrol off the coast of the Netherlands. During the patrol O9 was attacked by German military airplanes after which 09, O10 and a tugboat fled to the United Kingdom where they arrived on 15 May 1940.

During the war she patrolled the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay.

From August 1940 to March 1944 O9 was attached to the 7th Training Flotilla in Rothesay and used as an ASDIC piggy boat.


01-12-1923 : Laid down
07-04-1925 : Launched
18-01-1926 : Commissioned
12-05-1940 : Departed Den Helder together with HrMs O10 to make for England. They were escorted by the tug Witte Zee.
16-05-1940 : Arrived at Portsmouth along with HrMs O10, HrMs O23 and HrMs O24.
01-12-1944 : Decommissioned


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