Vanguard (S28)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: SSBN Group 2

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HMS Vanguard (S28) is the 10th vessel of the Royal Navy to bear the name and is the lead boat of her class of Trident ballistic missile-armed submarines. The sub is based at HMNB Clyde.

The first hull section of Vanguard had provided the dramatic backdrop to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as she opened Barrow'’'s Devonshire Dock Hall in September 1986.

Hundreds of people lined Michaelson Road in August 1993 to watch Vanguard leave Barrow ready for the official handing over to the Royal Navy.

The submarine's first commanding officer was Captain David Russell.

In February 2002, Vanguard began a two-year refit at HMNB Devonport. The refit was completed in June 2004 and in October 2005, Vanguard completed her return to service trials with the firing of an unarmed Trident missile. During this refit, Vanguard was illegally boarded by a pair of antinuclear protestors.


30-04-1986 : Order announced by Norman Lamount, Secretary of State for Defence Procurement
03-09-1986 : Laid Down
04-03-1992 : Launched
14-08-1993 : Completed
16-12-2004 : HMS Vanguard begins post-refit sea trials at Devonport
03-02-2009 : Vanguard and the French nuclear submarine Triomphant collided somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

On February 6 the French Ministry of Defence reported that Triomphant "collided with an immersed object (probably a container)". The UK Ministry of Defence initially would not comment that the incident took place but it was confirmed on February 16 by First Sea Lord Sir Jonathon Band. He said that the collision occurred at low speed, and that there had been no injuries. Both vessels were damaged. Vanguard received damage to the outer casing in the area of the missile compartment on the starboard (right) side.
16-07-2022 : HMS Vanguard was rededicated into the Royal Navy in a ceremony held at Devonport Naval Base.

The parade was attended by the fleet commander and families of the crew. A rededication ceremony is a traditional part of any Royal Navy vessel’s life after completing a period of refit and improvement.


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