Vengance (S31)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: SSBN Group 2
Vengence at Barrow
Vengence at Barrow

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HMS Vengeance is the first submarine to bear this name and is the last of the nuclear-powered Vanguard class Trident ballistic missile submarines to leave Barrow.

Along with sister boats Vanguard, Victorious and Vigilant. she is tasked with maintaining the UK's independent strategic nuclear deterrent.

The boat was officially ordered in July 1992 as Barrow yard number 1112 (SSBN 08) and her keel was laid on February 1 in 1993 by Jonathan Aitken, Minister of State for Defence Procurement.

Vengeance was named and rolled out on the September 19 in 1998, named by Mrs Sandra Robertson, wife of George Robertson, Secretary of State for Defenceand and was commissioned into service with the Royal Navy on November 27 in 1999.

The submarine's sponsor is Lady Sandra Robertson, wife of the then Secretary of State for Defence and later Secretary general to NATO, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen.

Vengeance can carry up to 16 Lockhead Trident II D5 ballistic missiles plus Marconi Spearfish wire-guided torpedoes.

HMS Vengeance maintains close links with the Borough of Bury St Edmunds where her crews are always assured a warm welcome.

The boat briefly hit the headlines when a mechanical problem resulted in a loss of full power and Vengeance was forced to return to Faslane.


07-07-1992 : Boat Ordered from Vickers
01-02-1993 : Laid Down
19-09-1998 : Launched
22-11-1999 : Completed


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