Vigilant (S30)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: SSBN Group 2

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Keel Layed by Archie Hamilton, Minister of State for the Armed Forces Launched by Lady Fere

HMS Vigilant is not, by nature, a high-profile vessel. Her role as one of the four submarines which make up the UK National nuclear deterrent means she must 'disappear' on patrol for weeks on end.

Her mid-life Long Overhaul Period Refuel LOP(R), costing in excess of £300 million, has seen her reactor core upgraded and she now has enough fuel to power her through the rest of her working life, as well as significant upgrades to all her major machinery and operating systems.

The LOP involved more than 3,500 separate surveys and at least 200 distinct upgrades, bringing in more than 80 different sub-contractors to conduct the 2.5 Million man hours of work carried out at Devonport under the control of Babcock Marine and the DE&S.

Vigilant left Devonport in the middle of 2015 as the most technologically advanced of her class, and has returned to her home port of Faslane where she is entering a period of extensive sea trials which will test both the submarine’s systems and her Ship’s Company.


13-11-1990 : Contract Announced by Alan Clark, Minister for Defence Procurement
16-02-1992 : Laid Down
14-10-1995 : Launched
02-11-1996 : Completed
23-04-2014 : HMS Vigilant returned from patrol to her home on the Clyde


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