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Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: U Group 2
Fate: Bombed in Sliema creek Malta 1 Apr 1942. Salvaged and scrapped 22/8/58

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Lieutenant Harry Noel Edmonds DSC RN was the Commanding Officer. He lost his life when HMS Olympus was sunk.


02-09-1940 : Laid Down
28-04-1941 : Launched
24-09-1941 : Completed
26-11-1941 : While on patrol in the Bay of Biscay HMS P 36 attacks a German submarine with torpedoes south-west of Belle-Ile island. All torpedoes missed.
13-02-1942 : HMS P 36 fires four torpedoes against the Italian heavy cruisers Gorizia and Trento in the Ionian Sea about 90 nautical miles east of Capo Spartivento, Calabria, Italy. All torpedoes missed.
15-02-1942 : HMS P 36 torpedoes and damages the Italian destroyer Carabiniere off Taranto.
01-04-1942 : HMS P36 was lying alongside a jetty at Silema creek in Malta When the Luftwaffe attacked the harbour. A large bomb landed sufficiently near the submarine to hole her and she began to sink. Despite desperate efforts to save her she rolled over and sank.

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My father was chief engineer on P36 and was one of the men left in charge whilst she was in Silema creek in April 1942. He has written about her sinking in his memoirs, a copy of which is in the Submarine museum in Gosport. His name was Kenneth Harcourt England, and his book is "All at Sea" - memoirs of a naval man written in 1993. My father died in 2002 always proud to have been a submariner. He was one of eight who were left behind in Malta when Olympus took the crews of 36 and 37 on board to get them back to Gibralter - as you know this boat hit a mine and was sunk with nearly all hands, and his disappointment at not getting the trip was tempered by the fact that he was saved and he was one of the lucky % of submariners who survived the war.

Carol Clare (nee England)
   carol clare Wed, 2 Aug 2017

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