Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: U Group 2
Fate: The boat was returned to the Royal Navy on 25 July, 1947.

She was then transferred to Denmark in July 1947 and renamed U1. In 1950 U1 was renamed Springeren. Finally returned to Britain in October 1957 and scrapped in April 1958.

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After the loss of the Polish submarine Jastrzab (to friendly fire off Norway) on 2 May, 1942 the Polish requested that they would be assigned a new submarine.

The Royal Navy agreed and gave them the U Class boat P52 then being built.

She was commissioned into the Polish Navy as Dzik which means means wild boar in English.


30-12-1941 : Laid Down
11-10-1942 : Launched
16-12-1942 : Commissioned
24-05-1943 : Near Cape Spartivento ORP Dzik torpedoes and damages the Italian oil tanker Carnaro. After the attack, the Italians depth charged Dzik but she managed to escape without damage.
17-06-1943 : Attacked an Italian warship with three torpedoes north-northeast of Milazzo. No hits were obtained.

Later the same day Dzik claims to have sunk a transport vessel south of Stromboli.
19-07-1943 : Fired four torpedoes at what is thought to be a submerged enemy submarine which is thought to be in the process of attacking HMS Unshaken. No hits were obtained but the periscope of the suspected attacker is not seen anymore.
15-08-1943 : Attacked an Italian convoy damaging the merchant vessel Goggiam, 27 nautical miles east of Bari, Italy. The damaged Goggiam was taken in tow by the Nettuno and then beached. She was later declared to be a total loss.
21-09-1943 : Fired torpedoes off Bastia harbour, Corsica, France and sank the German transport Nikolaus and the German tug Kraft. Dzik also claimed the sinking of a second transport and several German landing craft.
22-09-1943 : Sank the Siebel Ferry F 420.
17-11-1943 : Sank the Greek caique PI 2119 / Agios Andreas with gunfire east of Monemvasia, Greece.
07-01-1944 : Attacked the Turkish passenger/cargo ship Tirhan with four torpedoes south of Tenedos Island. All torpedoes missed their target.
08-01-1944 : Sank the Greek sailing vessel MY 200 / Elleni with gunfire northwest of Lesbos Island, Greece.
09-01-1944 : Sank the Greek caique CHI 436 / Agia Markella with gunfire west of Chios


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