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Umpire (N82)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: U Group 1
Fate: Mistaken for a U boat by anti submarine trawler Peter Hendriks off the Wash and rammed on 19 July 1941

Roll of Honour

V E Baker  Able Seaman
P C Banister  Lieutenant
C Beddie  Acting Leading Telegraphist
J A Duffy  Leading Seaman
C H Foster  Engine Room Artificer
SAG Godden  Sub-Lieutenant
H W Henson  Telegraphist
P J Hoey  Acting Leading Seaman
W J Houston  Stoker 1st Class
V G Phillips  Stoker 1st Class
R Roberts  Able Seaman
F Sumner  Able Seaman
R T Town  Acting Leading Stoker
F Welham  Ordinary Seaman

  Ex P31

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01-01-1904 : Laid Down
30-12-1940 : Launched
10-07-1941 : Completed
19-07-1941 : HMS Umpire left Chatham on 19th July 1941 bound for the Clyde prior to joining the 3rd Submarine Flotilla at Dunoon. Having stopped over night at Sheerness she joined up with a northbound convoy, although she was not part of the convoy escort.

Umpire developed mechanical problems and began to fall behind the convoy which was kept informed of the submarines progress by radio. At midnight the northbound convoy passed a southbound convoy as expected but Umpire following behind was surprised to see the convoys pass starboard to starboard rather than the normal port to port. Umpire altered her course to port as the first few vessels passed to Umpire's starboard side but the trawler Peter Hendriks remained on a collision course.

As the two vessels came together a gash was torn in Umpire's side sending her to the bottom. 22 of her crew went down with the ship


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