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Unity (N66)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Build Group: U Group 1
Fate: Sank in surface collision with SS Atle Jarl off River Tyne 29 April 1940
The Vickers Built Unity which served her short career in the hostile environment of the North Sea

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Roll of Honour

J Hare  Leading Seaman
J Low  First Lieutenant George Cross
H Miller  Able Seaman George Cross
C Shelton  Stoker 1st Class



19-02-1937 : Laid Down
16-02-1938 : Launched
05-10-1938 : Completed
00-04-1940 : In the North Sea, the British submarine Unity attacked U-2, but missed
29-04-1940 : At 1730 HMS Unity sailed from Blyth to patrol off Norway. The visibility was down to 300 yards as Unity moved out in the main channel, where the Norwegian ship Atle Jarl was proceeding on her way from Scotland to the Tyne

A short while later visibility was down to 100 yards and neither vessel was aware of the other until the submarine spotted the ship at 50 yards and on a collision course. There was just time to shut the bulkhead doors and order the engines astern before the Atle Jarl smashed into the submarine. The order to abandon the submarine was given and Unity sank only five minutes after the collision


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