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Untamed (P58)

Built By: Vickers (Tyne)
Build Group: U Group 2
Fate: Sold on 13 February 1946 to be broken up for scrap at Troon.

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Ex P58

Lost in an accident in the Clyde submarine exercise areas on 30/5/43. Salvaged renamed Vitality in 1943.

Roll of Honour

P G Acworth  Sub-Lieutenant
J R Arkwright  Able Seaman
G H Ball  Petty Officer Stoker
Bates  Able Seaman
RLA Beard  Leading Seaman
Bothers  Able Seaman
H L Bowyer  Able Seaman
Challoner  Chief Engine Room Artificer
P L Clayton  Sub-Lieutenant RNR
HED Cole  Stoker 1st Class
J F Cooper  Able Seaman
Danks  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Dow  Telegraphist
J P Duncan  Lieutenant
A C Flinn  Able Seaman
G D Floyd  Able Seaman
N T Gates  Leading Seaman
R J Gibbon  Petty Officer
JJF Gibbson  Able Seaman
HAW Green  Able Seaman
Hickson  Able Seaman
GTC Higgins  Sub-Lieutenant RNVR
Male  Ordinary Seaman
F A Miles  Leading Stoker
L C Mitchell  Telegraphist
Nichol  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
G M Noll  Lieutenant
R G Pendleton  Stoker 1st Class
Playfield  Leading Telegraphist
A G Read  Leading Seaman
L G Smith  Petty Officer Telegraphist
Spencer  Stoker 1st Class
Tippett  Petty Officer
R B Walker  Stoker 1st Class
C C Welfoot  Petty Officer
Wheeler  Able Seaman
R W Wishart  Leading Stoker


09-10-1941 : Laid Down
08-12-1942 : Launched
02-05-1943 : Completed
30-05-1943 : On 30th May 1943 HMS Untamed was exercising with ships of the 8th Escort Group off Cambeltown. At 0950 that morning Untamed dived and commenced the first run of the day. After three hours the submarine surfaced and prepared for the next run. Just after 1345 the submarine once again dived and the second exercise of the day began. This exercise involved the anti-submarine training yacht Shemara firing practice mortars against the submarine. The first two runs were successful with Untamed indicating her position after each with a white smoke candle.

At 1450 following the third run the submarine did not immediately indicate her position, The Shemara fired INDICATE POSITION charge, came to a stop and began tapping on the hull. The efforts of the Shemara were greeted by a yellow smoke candle. Shemara moved to a position by the marker and once again began tapping the hull. At this point a swirl of water was seen near the marker.

Shemara called a halt to the exercise and signalled the submarine to surface: there was no reply. A second surface signal was sent, again without result. At 1602 Shemara sent a signal for assistance to the Naval Officer in Command and continued to search for the submarine.

At 1716 the sound of the submarine blowing her tanks was heard. Using asdic the Shemara located the submarine. For the next ten minutes the sound of the submarine blowing her tanks and stopping and starting her engines could be heard.

At 1733 HMS Thrasher arrived to render assistance and tried to contact the Untamed. At 1745 all sound from the submarine ceased. Because of worsening weather conditions divers were not able to inspect the stricken submarine until 1115 on 1st June - 45 hours after she had dived. There was no reply to the divers tapping on the hull of the submarine and an inspection of the vessels hull showed no obvious damage.

Only when the Untamed had been salvaged did the cause of her loss become clear, the forward part of the submarine had been flooded through a sluice valve.
05-07-1943 : Untamed was salvaged on this day, she was refitted and named Vitality, returning to service in July 1944.


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