Built By: Marshall (Tyne)
Build Group: X
Fate: Preserved as part of the RN submarine Musuem Fort Block house Gosport

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Unofficially named Expeditious.

The only remaining example of an X-Craft which can be found in the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Brammer, Alfred James  Leading Stoker  D/KX163775    20
Lost while training 21/11/1944
Brownrigg, Patrick Charles  Lieutenant (RNVR)      27
Lost in diving accident 06/05/1942
Grogan, John Edward  Sub Lieutenant (SAN)  6643    23
Lost while training 08/11/1942
Harris, Keith Vivian Frank  Sub Lieutenant (RNVR)      20
Lost while training 26/07/1944
Hunt, Peter James  Sub Lieutenant (RNVR)     
Lost while training 22/04/1944
Purdy, Derek Norman  Sub Lieutenant (RNZNVR)      20
Lost while training 09/09/1944


15-04-1944 : The Royal Navy midget submarine X-24 carried out a successful attack on a floating dock at Bergen, Norway.

This was the second attack on the harbor by X-24, she had survived a previous operation on 14 April 1944, when she had sunk a large merchantman and put the coaling wharf out of use for the rest of the war.

Once again towed to the area by the HMS Sceptre, Lt. H. P. Westmacott then skippered the four-man craft as it slipped through 30 miles of islands offshore and a minefield and into a fjord to sail at periscope depth to the harbor. After diving to 35 feet to avoid collision with a merchant ship, Westmacott attached delayed-action charges to the target and escaped. X-24 laid two mines under the dock, which broke it in two and damaged two ships moored alongside


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