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Armstrong Whitworth (Tyne)

Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd was a major British manufacturing company of the early years of the 20th century. With headquarters in Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Armstrong Whitworth engaged in the construction of armaments, ships, locomotives, automobiles, and aircraft.

In 1847, engineer William George Armstrong founded the Elswick works at Newcastle, to produce hydraulic machinery, cranes and bridges, soon to be followed by artillery, notably the Armstrong breech-loading gun, which re-equipped the British Army after the Crimean War. In 1882, it merged with the shipbuilding firm of Charles Mitchell to form Armstrong Mitchell & Company and at the time its works extended for over a mile (about 2 km) along the bank of the River Tyne. Armstrong Mitchell merged again with the engineering firm of Joseph Whitworth in 1897. The company expanded into the manufacture of cars and trucks in 1902, and created an "aerial department" in 1913, which became the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft subsidiary in 1920.

In 1927, it merged with Vickers Limited to form Vickers Armstrong.

1 comment

Dear Madam/Sir
For several years I am inquiring and collecting everything I can get concerning aeroplanes/projects by the Dutch designer Koolhoven.
During WWI he was chief designer at the aircraft department of Armstrong-Whitworth, New Castle.
He left the factory in 1917 and left for British Aerial Transport Co.Ltd. at Willesden.
He was replaced, until the factory closed in 1919, by Frank Murphy.
I have tried the archive in New Castle but there was very little new information/materials.
Do you know people who are also interrested in the aircraft department of A-W and maybe they can be of any help?
Thank you for your help.
With regards,
Jan den Das
   Jan den Das Thu, 17 Mar 2016

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