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Roll Of Honour


1911 - 1924: E Class

On 3rd July 1916 E26 was operating off the estuary of the Ems River when the submarine was attacked by German forces. Both gunfire and bombs were used. E26 did not return from her patrol. The crew were all lost.

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Roll of Honour

H H Atkin-Berry  Lieutenant
W Burr  Leading Seaman
G W Caines 
J B Dalgleish  Telegraphist
R Denwood  Engine Room Artificer
T Devine 
C A Dixon  Engine Room Artificer RNR
G Doman  Stoker
J Fox  Able Seaman
H Grimshaw  Stoker
A J Gunn  Acting Lieutenant RNR
J Hendry  Stoker 1st Class
J Heslop  Stoker
A T Hodge  Able Seaman
J C Lay  Leading Stoker
P Lennon  Stoker
E P Ley  Engine Room Artificer
H Mabberly  Engine Room Artificer
W R Mansfield  Leading Stoker
RTP Mathews  Signalman
W Mondy  Leading Seaman
G C Nicholls  Stoker
A W Page  Able Seaman
A B Powers  Petty Officer
EWB Ryan  Lieutenant
A S Sansford  Petty Officer
F S Stevenson  Engine Room Artificer
A E Thompson  Stoker
E A Toogood  Able Seaman
W H Yetman  Petty Officer


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