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Roll Of Honour


1911 - 1924: E Class

Lost on 22nd November 1916 in the North sea. Possibly mined off Orford Ness

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Roll of Honour

H J Bentley  Leading Stoker MID
G N Biggs  Lieutenant Commander
E W Bowley  Able Seaman
W H Bucks  Petty Officer
W G Combes  Petty Officer
Crocker  Stoker
R B Farwell  Lieutenant
A R Fleming  Petty Officer French Med Militaire
A H Hand  Able Seaman
T A Haywood  Petty Officer Stoker
Hedge  Stoker
Henderson  Engine Room Artificer
Hurlock  Leading Seaman
Johnston  Stoker
Jones  Telegraphist
J R Jones  Telegraphist
J G Langridge  Able Seaman
W C Leonard  Leading Signalman
May  Chief Engine Room Artificer
S A Meats  Lieutenant RNR
J W Morris  Stoker
Potter  Leading Seaman
J W Presswell  Leading Seaman
H C Reeves  Able Seaman
T F Rennison  Stoker
Ridges  Able Seaman
A C Roberts  Engine Room Artificer
A W Snowdon  Stoker
Stevens  Stoker
Travers  Engine Room Artificer
FCH Volze  Able Seaman
T W Wellfare  Leading Stoker

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