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1911 - 1924: E Class

E37 was lost on the night of 30th November/1st December 1916 although the CWGC Records quote a date of Sunday 3rd December 1916. Lieutenant Commander Robert Fellowes Chisholm had sailed from Harwich in company with E54 (Lieutenant Commander Robert Raikes). It is thought that E37 was lost in a minefield off Orford Ness.

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Roll of Honour

J Adams  Leading Seaman
J Alexander  Engine Room Artificer
W Archer  Petty Officer
H Barrenger  Engine Room Artificer
W Chapman  Stoker
R Chisholm  Lieutenant Commander
F Cowlard  Able Seaman
L H Edgecombe  Leading Seaman
E Ellender  Stoker
H Emery  Able Seaman
E Gran  Able Seaman
E Greaves  Able Seaman
R Havery  Chief Engine Room Artificer
A Headly  Lieutenant
J Hoodless  Signalman
P Horlock  Lieutenant
D Hourston  Engine Room Artificer
C Jenks  Leading Seaman
J Matthews  Leading Stoker
H May  Stoker
H Mellor  Able Seaman
W Mockridge  Stoker
T Mutton  Leading Seaman
C Parr  Leading Stoker
E T Powell  Telegraphist
T Powell  Stoker
R Sadler  Stoker
E Salter  Stoker
W Urquart  Petty Officer
G Woodger  Stoker Petty Officer


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