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1915 - 1926: K Class

K13 which sank on 29th January 1917 when carrying out Acceptance Trials in the Gareloch off shore of the Shandon Hydropathic Hotel. Shortly after lunch the Submarine dived to carry out some final checks when the after end of the Submarine was flooded through the Engine Room Ventilators which had failed to shut properly. All personnel in the after part of the submarine were drowned. The survivors from the front end of Submarine K13 were rescued on 31st January. The Submarine was raised on 15th March 1917 and was refitted and returned to service as K22. Scrapped in December 1926.

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Roll of Honour

G W Bevis  Stoker
Bradley  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Chalmers Smith  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
Clutson Clark  Acting Leading Stoker
Cornish  Stoker
Dickinson  Stoker
Dymond  Stoker
SWA Fensom  Chief Stoker
G W Fieldwick  Stoker Petty Officer
H C Goddard  Stoker
Hallihan  Stoker
F H Heaveningham Goodhar  Commander
F S Hole  Admiralty Overseers Assistant Civillian
Hooper  Stoker
F J Howard  Leading Stoker
Jenkins Williamson  Stoker Petty Officer
Kirk  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
A E Lane  Lieutenant (E)
W J Lewis  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
Lovell Roberts  Stoker
Mitchell  Leading Stoker
F T Neate  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
F R Porter  Petty Officer DSM
Pratt  Bosun
CJA Roberts  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
Scarlett  Stoker
Simpson  Stoker
FWG Smith  Chief Engine Room Artificer
J P Steel  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
W A Strachan  Fairfield Engine Department Civillian
White  Stoker
R W Williams  Able Seaman

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