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Roll Of Honour


1916 - 1945: L Class

The only L Class to be lost in the war. Sunk north of Terschelling by German destroyer S33 off river Texel, 30th October 1918

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Roll of Honour

W F Baker  Leading Telegraphist
J A Banks  Able Seaman
P H Bird  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
E R Blackman  Stoker
L S Bontor  Lieutenant
S L Brinjes  Lieutenant RNR
P H Charlton  Leading Stoker
D E Cox  Able Seaman
A T Denton  Stoker
S E Elkington  Stoker
T H Epps  Able Seaman
Eyres  Chief Stoker DSM
M  Gleeson  Leading Seaman
Graham  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class RNVR
H A Grant  Able Seaman
Greener  Able Seaman
A A Gurney  Chief Petty Officer
G H Hawkins  Stoker
Hayward  Leading Stoker
C J Hughes  Able Seaman
F E Hutchings  Stoker
S J Hutchings  Petty Officer
Langston  Stoker
Link  Leading Seaman
Maynard  Able Seaman
E F McCarthy  Able Seaman
A W Nunn  Stoker
N F Owen  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
E J Pulman  Signalman
Rawson  Stoker
H L Smith  Artificer Engineer DFC
J A Stewart  Stoker
H G Walkden  Leading Stoker RAN
Walsh  Stoker
W J Weir  Chief Engine Room Artificer
W M Weir  Telegraphist
J A Wheatley  Lieutenant
A E Whitehouse  Lieutenant Commander
E G Whybrow  Leading Seaman

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