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Roll Of Honour


1916 - 1945: L Class

Sunk in collision with HMS Resolution off Portland 10th January 1924

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Roll of Honour

S  Ballard  Stoker 1st Class
D  Barton  Lieutenant
S  Bennett  Petty Officer
E  Buck  Chief Petty Officer
H  Bulbeck  Leading Seaman
J  Byron  Warrant Engineer
H  Cann  Leading Stoker
H  Chevis  Leading Signalman
D  Crumbie  Stoker 1st Class
W  Dempsey  Leading Seaman
H  Donald  Able Seaman
P  Eddis  Lieutenant Commander
B  Flanagan  Stoker 1st Class
D  Fletecher  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
AJ France  Able Seaman
W  Garrish  Able Seaman
D  Gray  Lieutenant
GW Green  Stoker 1st Class
A  Grigg  Stoker 1st Class
E  Hillman  Stoker Petty officer
E  Johnson  Acting Leading Stoker
P  Lane  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class
A  Lawley  Able Seaman
FC Lough  Able Seaman
E  Lyons  Stoker 1st Class
C  Matthews  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
J  Mitchell  Telegraphist
E  Newing  Stoker 1st Class
TM Parkhurst  Petty Officer Telegraphist
S  Phillips  Stoker 1st Class
EP Pound  Stoker 1st Class
T  Quantock  Able Seaman
A  Smith  Signalman
J  Stapleton  Leading Seaman
E  Stedal  Sub-Lieutenant
G  Stewart  Stoker 1st Class
GJ Tippen  Leading Stoker
W  Walker  Stoker 1st Class
A  Wallace  Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
G  Waterfield  Able Seaman
DJ Watkinson  Lieutenant
J  Wilson  Petty Officer
W  Wise  Petty officer

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