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Roll Of Honour

Pheonix (N96)

1927 - 1946: Parthian Class

Lost after being depth charged by Italian TB Albatross on 16th July 1940.

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Roll of Honour

F Ayers  Leading Cook
E B Barnes  Leading Seaman
S Barton  Leading Seaman
C Bennett  Stoker Petty Officer
P Bevis  Leading Telegraphist
W Bunker  Stoker Petty Officer
T Cadogan  Leading Stoker
G Clark  Petty Officer
A Clift  Stoker 1st Class
A Cockle  Telegraphist
W Cooper  Leading Stoker
W Davis  Petty Officer
J Dee  Stoker 1st Class
G Diggens  Petty Officer Telegraphist
I Drysdale  Surgeon Lieutenant
M Fairholm  Leading Stoker
C Farlow  Able Seaman
C Greaves  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
S Greaves  Leading Seaman
E Hadfield  Petty Officer
K Hall  Able Seaman
W Hanna  Able Seaman
E Harris  Telegraphist
M Henderson  Lieutenant
R Higdon  Able Seaman
A Higgins  Stoker 1st Class
G Hollingworth  Petty Officer
N Howell  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
J Humphrey  Leading Seaman
A James  Leading Seaman
F Leonard  Leading Seaman
G Liversidge  Lieutenant
R Matthews  Stoker 1st Class
T Morton  Leading Stoker
G Nowell  Lieutenant Commander
C Parker  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
O Parry  Leading Seaman
F Paxford  Stoker Petty Officer
G Payne  Petty Officer
F Pegler  Weapons Engineer
A Phillips  Telegraphist
J Powell  Leading Seaman
V Randell  Chief Petty Officer
J Relf  Stoker 1st Class
H Robinson  Leading Seaman
H Smythe  Leading Telegraphist
A Spouse  Leading Stoker
J Staveley  Chief Engine Room Artificer
J Summers  Stoker 1st Class
S Thompson  Stoker 1st Class
G Warren  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
C Williams  Stoker 1st Class
M Wiltshire  Stoker 1st Class
G Wingrave  Leading Seaman
G Zoppi  Chief Engine Room Artificer


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