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Roll Of Honour

Sickle (P224)

1935 - 1970: S Class

Believed lost when she struck a mine in the Kythera Channel. Sickle was the last British submarine to be lost in the Mediterranean during WW2

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Roll of Honour

H Bigglestone  Leading Telegraphist
H Bowen  Stoker Petty Officer
G Brookes  Leading Telegraphist
J Cooke  Stoker 1st Class
F Crook  Able Seaman
A Cuthbert  Leading Signalman
W Davidson  Petty Officer Telegraphist
E Davies  Leading Stoker
J Drummond  Lieutenant DSO DSC
A Duncan  Stoker 1st Class
A Evans  Leading Stoker
G Francis  Weapons Engineer
R Gilmore  Leading Stoker
P Goodman  Lieutenant RNVR
C Green  Able Seaman
E Hallett  Able Seaman
G Hancock  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
G Harratt  Able Seaman
G Hockless  Able Seaman
T Jack  Leading Seaman
P Jakeman  Lieutenant RNVR
L Jones  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
D Learmouth  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
D Mackay  Able Seaman
R Marshall  Able Seaman
S Martin  Leading Stoker
W McNeill  Able Seaman
C Mitchell  Chief Petty Officer
S Mobbs  Leading Seaman
J Nettleton  Chief Engine Room Artificer
J Pearson  Stoker 1st Class
F Pope  Petty Officer
D Rolph  Chief Petty Officer
G Roose  Leading Seaman
R Seymour  Leading Stoker
A Sinclair  Lieutenant
T Stark  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
N Stevens  Able Seaman
M Sturgess  Stoker 1st Class
A Tugwell  Petty Officer
V Walker  Sub-Lieutenant RNVR
H Willcocks  Stoker 1st Class


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