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Roll Of Honour

Syrtis (P241)

1935 - 1970: S Class

Sunk on 28th March 1944 possibly by mines off Bodio Norway.

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Roll of Honour

J Ainslie  Lieutenant RNVR
R Aitken  Leading Stoker
P Alexander  Stoker 1st Class
G Ashton  Leading Seaman
A Beardsley  Able Seaman
C Blythe  Lieutenant RNR
R Boyd  Telegraphist
G Burgess  Stoker 1st Class
B Denne  Stoker 1st Class
H Forsyth  Able Seaman
H Fowler  Petty Officer
D Fyson  Lieutenant MID RNR
J Green  Able Seaman
J Hagerty  Telegraphist
J Hallworth  Able Seaman
W Harris  Able Seaman
G Henshall  Leading Seaman
R Hill  Leading Stoker
F Holder  Stoker 1st Class
A Hosie  Leading Cook
L Hull  Leading Stoker
W Jamieson  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
M Jupp  Lieutenant DSC
J Kay  Ordinary Seaman
D Lynch  Weapons Engineer DSM
D Mackenzie  Chief Petty Officer
L Malley  Stoker Petty Officer
W McAllister  Leading Stoker
R McCarthy  Signalman
F Osman  Petty Officer
T O’Carroll  Able Seaman
S Page  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
W Parker  Leading Telegraphist
W Picknell  Leading Seaman
R Powell  Petty Officer Telegraphist
A Richardson  Able Seaman
T Shields  Ordinary Seaman
F Spratt  Lieutenant
S Steel  Able Seaman
F Storey  Able Seaman
G Stubbs  Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
A Willcocks  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
L Wilson  Able Seaman
F Woodards  Stoker 1st Class
W Young  Stoker 1st Class


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