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Roll Of Honour

Thistle (N24)

1935 - 1970: T Class

In the early hours of 10th April 1940 Submarine HMS Thistle (Lt Cdr Herbert James Caldwell) was on the surface charging batteries off Skudenses in Norway when she was sighted by the U-Boat U-4 (Hinsh). Two torpedoes were fired at very close range, the first missed but the second hit and Thistle was sunk with all hands.

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Allcoat, Albert Edwin  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 79607    29
Beecham, Ernest Royal  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 89124    21
Bowen, George Allan  Warrant Engineer  (EX.M22612)    39
Boyse, Sidney Albert  Able Seaman  C/K 110587    31
Brewer, Victor Leslie  Stoker 1st Class  D/K 65999    36
Buckie, Keith Brundle  Able Seaman  C/JX 13740    23
CWGC has Buckie, Keith BRUNDELL
Chapman, Thomas Alfred  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 82964    25
Childs, George William  Petty Officer Cook  P/MX 45759    32
Cluney, Tom Sharpe  Able Seaman  D/JX 10861    32
Davies, Joseph  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 88600    22
Dixon, John  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 83251    25
Dolling, Ronald William  Leading Stoker  C/KX 84192    24
Drew, William Edwin Stanaslaus  Telegraphist  P/J 113174    30
Ennor, Roland Patrick Norman  Lieutenant (RNR)      28
Evans, William George Francis  Leading Steward  D/LX 21421    27
Garfin, Francis  Able Seaman  C/JX 15217    26
Gatward, Robert  Able Seaman  C/JX 14527    20
Goddard, Frank George  Petty Officer Telegraphist  D/J 109687    31
Greenslade, Rowland Hedley  Stoker Petty Officer  C/K 63187    34
Hammond, Herbert Tom  Chief Petty Officer  P/J 80048    38
Hardacre, Richard  Able Seaman  D/JX 15977    21
Harper, Kenneth James  Lieutenant      28
Haselfoot, Wilfrid Frederick  Lieutenant Commander      32
Commanding Officer
Healey, Michael William  Leading Seaman  P/JX 13549    30
Healy, Walter William (Ex.SSX13221  Leading Telegraphist  C/JX 13660    24
CWGC has HEALEY, Walter William
Howard, Archibald  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  P/MX 47240    37
Hussey, Walter Seymour  Leading Stoker  P/KX 75767    32
I`Anson, John Hustler  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  P/MX 51242    30
Jones, Lewis Allsworth  Lieutenant      23
Joss, Robert Frederick  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  P/MX 48870    24
Livesey, Cyril Joseph  Leading Seaman  C/JX 14123    21
Luker, Joseph Wesley  Telegraphist  D/JX 13462    25
Maddison, George Edgar  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 62055    36
Mitchell, William Edward  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  P/M 35072    36
Morgan, Jack Leslie  Leading Stoker  C/KX 80827    26
Murray, Thomas Hodgson  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  P/MX 50725    27
Owens, William John  Leading Stoker  P/KX 75140    33
Penn, Albert Edward  Petty Officer Telegraphist  C/JX 13244    26
Perkin, William Smith  Petty Officer  D/J 108608    37
Rae, Thomas  Able Seaman  C/SSX 1649    22
Reading, Joseph Frederick  Able Seaman  C/J 87590    39
Richards, Walter George  Leading Signalman  P/JX 12568    29
Rousell, William Ronald  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 88482    22
Saunders, Leonard Roger  Stoker Petty Officer  C/KX 75319    33
Siddell, John Stephen  Leading Stoker  P/KX 84411    26
Simpson, Harold  Leading Seaman  P/J 81161    38
Summersbee, John Frederick  Petty Officer  P/JX 12864    28
Thompson, John Harry  Chief Petty Officer  C/J 96699    35
Todd, Joseph  Chief Engine Room Artificer  P/M 29775    42
Vass, James (Ex.J81928)  Leading Seaman  D/JX 14262    38
Warden, James Henry  Leading Stoker  C/KX 80943    30
Wheeler, Fred  Able Seaman  D/JX 13525    24
Whittaker, James  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 75377    32

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A Tribute To Submariners

I have often looked for an opportunity of paying tribute to our submariners.

There is no branch of His Majesty's Forces which in this war has suffered the same proportion of total loss as our submarine service.

It is the most dangerous of all services.

That is perhaps the reason why the First Lord tells me that the entry into it is keenly sought by Officers and Men.

I feel sure the House would wish to testify its gratitude and admiration to our Submariners for their Skill - Courage and Devotion which has proved of inestimable value to the sustenance of our country.

Winston Churchill

We Will Remember Them

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