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Roll Of Honour

Thunderbolt (N25)

1935 - 1970: T Class

Depth charged by by Italian MA/SB Cicogna north of Sicily 14 Mar 1943

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Roll of Honour

Beckett  Able Seaman
Bird  Petty Officer Cook
Blane  Leading Telegraphist
Boulton  Stoker Petty Officer DSM
Bradley  Able Seaman
Brister  Able Seaman
Cale  Petty Officer
Cannon  Stoker 1st Class
Cooper  Leading Stoker
Crane  Petty Officer
Crouch  Lieutenant Commander DSO
Curry  Petty Officer
Curtis  Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
Daly  Stoker 1st Class
Doughty  Stoker 1st Class
Downham  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Edgar  Lieutenant
Elliott  Petty Officer
Freeman  Petty Officer Telegraphist
Galloway  Able Seaman
Golding  Stoker 1st Class
Harris  Able Seaman
Heathcote  Leading Seaman
Hines  Leading Stoker
Horick  Lieutenant
Hughes  Able Seaman
Hussey-Yeo  Able Seaman
Japp  Telegraphist
Johnson  Able Seaman
Keenan  Able Seaman
Kelsey  Able Seaman
King  Leading Signalman
Lee  Petty Officer
Lowe  Stoker Petty Officer
Lynch  Chief Engine Room Artificer
Macleod  Stoker 1st Class
Maw  Lieutenant RNVR
McGow  Stoker 1st Class
McNally  Stoker 1st Class
Mitchell  Able Seaman
Moore  Able Seaman DSM
Murray  Leading Telegraphist
J E Newcombe  Able Seaman
Newman  Stoker 1st Class
Newton  Leading Stoker
Norwood  Stoker 1st Class
Preece  Able Seaman
Prince  Stoker 1st Class
Rice  Able Seaman
Ringham  Chief Petty Officer
Saunders  Able Seaman
 Simpson  Able Seaman Charioteer lost in ‘Operation Principal’
Simpson  Able Seaman
Stanley  Stoker 1st Class
Traylor  Ordinary Seaman
Walters  Chief Petty Officer DSM
Webb  Lieutenant
Whitbread  Petty Officer DSM
White  Able Seaman
Wilson  Able Seaman
Woodcock  Weapons Engineer
York  Petty Officer Steward

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