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Roll Of Honour

Thorn (N11)

1935 - 1970: T Class

Depth chargedby Italian TB Pegaso off Torbruk on 7 Aug 1942.

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Roll of Honour

Aitcheson  Stoker Petty Officer
Balshaw  Leading Seaman RNVR
Barrow  Able Seaman
Bell  Lieutenant RNVR
Bell  Stoker 1st Class
Bond  Telegraphist
Brodie  Able Seaman
Burr  Leading Stoker
Caffery  Stoker 1st Class
Chalcraft  Able Seaman
Cockwill  Able Seaman
Collier  Leading Seaman
Crompton  Able Seaman
Detton  Leading Stoker
Dodd  Leading Seaman
Eason  Chief Petty Officer
Elphick  Petty Officer Telegraphist
Flockhart  Stoker 1st Class
Freese  Petty Officer
Gibbons  Able Seaman
Gossman  Petty Officer
Hatchard  Petty Officer
Hayes  Chief Stoker
Hayler  Ordinary Seaman
Hendon  Petty Officer
Incledon  Sub-Lieutenant
Jones  Able Seaman
Magness  Petty Officer MID
McCarthy  Stoker 1st Class
Milburn  Stoker 1st Class
Milliken  Petty Officer Steward
Mitchell  Able Seaman
Moorcroft  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Newland  Leading Stoker
Norfolk  Lieutenant Commander DSO
Nuttall  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Parker  Lieutenant RNVR
Paterson  Stoker 1st Class
Pope  Stoker 1st Class
Porter  Able Seaman
Price  Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
Reeson  Leading Stoker
Smithson  Leading Stoker
Torr  Yeoman of Signals MID
Upton  Able Seaman
Webb  Able Seaman
Webster  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
Wood  Stoker 1st Class
Wood  Chief Engine Room Artificer

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