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Roll Of Honour

Truculent (P315)

1935 - 1970: T Class

Sank after a collinsion with MV Divina in the Medway estuary 12th January 1950. Salvaged in March 1950. Scrapped in September 1950 at Grays.

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Roll of Honour

E W Alexander  Ship Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
E W Austin  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
P J Bailey  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
W E Barnden  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
Brookes  Stoker Mechanic
Campbell  Stoker Mechanic
J G Child  Steward
L A Daw  Stoker Mechanic
J H Denny  Electrical Mechanician
W E Dighton  Able Seaman
Donnelly  Electrical Mechanician
Dorn  Stoker Mechanic
G R Dring  Leading Seaman
K K Edwards  Ship Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
T C Edwards  Leading Radio Elec Mech
G T Eldridge  Petty Officer DSM
F G Ellis  Stoker Mechanic
Farman  Lieutenant
W J Firbank  Leading Seaman
F R Fox  Leading Seaman
R A Frost  Engine Room Artificer
M F Gutridge  Able Seaman
Gutteridge  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
D A Hancock  Constructor Chatham Royal Dockyard
R W Harling  Engine Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
GWJ Harrison  Able Seaman
PAT Head  Leading Seaman DSM
R W Helliwell  Stoker Mechanic
L C Higgins  Leading Telegraphist
F J Hindes  Lieutenant AM
F W Hine  Chief Engine Room Artificer DSM
A A Holmes  Ship Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
Ingle  Able Seaman
A E Jenner  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
Johnson  Leading Signalman
M B Johnston  Petty Officer Stoker MID
H G Jones  Stoker Mechanic
M J Likely  Stoker Mechanic
G E Mackenzie  Steward
J T Manley  Engine Room Artificer
J F McIntyre  Chief Elec. DSM MID
McLaughlin  Shipwright Chatham Royal Dockyard
J F Melville  Draughtsman Chatham Royal Dockyard
N A Mills  Draughtsman Chatham Royal Dockyard
Murphy  Able Seaman
F G Myatt  Petty Officer
RA Neighbour  Stoker Mechanic
KCE Noon  Able Seaman
W A Oliver  Able Seaman
ECL Phillips  Petty Officer Telegraphist
T P Phillips  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
CWS Potts  Ship Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
D N Powell  Able Seaman
K R Prouse  Able Seaman
B S Purkiss  Leading Seaman
J L Read  Leading Seaman
Richardson  Stoker
Robinson  Stoker Mechanic
Smith  Stoker Mechanic
R H Strickland  Engine Fitter Chatham Royal Dockyard
Swire  Able Seaman
Taylor  Stoker Mechanic
H G Tester  Electrician Chatham Royal Dockyard
E N Woods  Stoker Mechanic

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