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Roll Of Honour

Usurper (P56)

1936 - 1958: U Class

Depth charged by German patrol boat UJ2208 in Gulf of Genoa 3rd October 1943

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Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Abraham, Cedric Ernest William  Able Seaman  C/JX 215054    26
Allan, Wilfred  Ordinary Seaman  D/JX 563155    18
Anderson, John David Shanks  Sub Lieutenant      19
Appleby, Thomas William  Leading Telegraphist  P/JX 155434    21
Baker, George William  Able Seaman  P/JX 358368    19
Ballantyne, James Ross  Stoker Petty Officer  D/KX 86977    27
Bethell, William John  Able Seaman  D/JX 286982    22
Bird, William Henry  Chief Engine Room Artificer  P/MX 48306    36
Carson, Edward Henry Sidney  Telegraphist  D/JX 158782    20
Charman, John  Chief Petty Officer  P/JX 142727    25
Collins, Michael Higgins  Leading Seaman  P/SSX 22995    23
Cooper, Sidney George  Leading Seaman  C/JX 142915    24
Davies, Mervyn Ebenezer  Petty Officer Telegraphist  P/JX 143196  DSM  24
Davies, Thomas Barrie  Able Seaman  P/JX 358192    19
Eldridge, Hubert Arthur  Telegraphist  C/JX180661    19
Flynn, James Reginald  Leading Stoker  P/KX 95906    23
Frost, Patrick Anthony Stirling  Sub Lieutenant      21
Fylan, James Reginald  Stoker Petty Officer  P/KX 82494    28
Griffiths, William John  Telegraphist  D/JX 269375    22
Harman, William Parker  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  P/MX 93368    22
Hilton, Joshua Herbert  Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 133098    21
Jackson, Leonard Philips  Able Seaman  P/J 112129    34
Johnstone, William Plunkett Dunning  Petty Officer  C/JX 151079    22
Jordan, Sidney Lloyd  Lieutenant      23
Knowles, Maurice Henry  Stoker 2nd Class  D/KX 159978    20
Little, Arthur  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  D/MX 74203    22
Meaker, Eric Knowles  Able Seaman  P/JX 149714    22
Mott, David Roger Oakley  Lieutenant    DSC  23
Pike, Robert Francis  Ordinary Seaman  D/JX 366699    19
Quayle, William Horsley  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 146834    35
Rayner, Bertie William Fearnley  Petty Officer  C/JX 130051  DSM  32
Render, Oswald  Able Seaman  D/JX 287917    22
Roberts, James William  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 140723    19
Roberts, James William C/KX 140723 RN DoB 06/05/1924.. Actual 06/05/1926
Rodwell, Richard Herbert  Able Seaman  P/JX 235070    22
Searle, Frederick William  Able Seaman  C/SSX 32296    23
Smallwood, Thomas Jack  Leading Seaman  C/SSX 32523    23
Smedley, Frank  Able Seaman  D/JX 237791    21
Sutton, Thomas Henry  Stoker Petty Officer  P/KX 88994    28
Taaffe, Geoffrey  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 152295    19
Taylor, Clifford  Able Seaman  P/JX 168050    24
Taylor, Victor  Able Seaman  P/JX 273528    22
Upex, Francis Arthur Edwin  Leading Signalman  P/JX 148084    23
White, George  Able Seaman  P/JX 263859    32
Whitfield, Leslie George Herbert  Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 144682    20
Wisdom, Robert Edward  Able Seaman  D/JX 293581    20
Worth, John Harold  Lieutenant      25

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A Tribute To Submariners

I have often looked for an opportunity of paying tribute to our submariners.

There is no branch of His Majesty's Forces which in this war has suffered the same proportion of total loss as our submarine service.

It is the most dangerous of all services.

That is perhaps the reason why the First Lord tells me that the entry into it is keenly sought by Officers and Men.

I feel sure the House would wish to testify its gratitude and admiration to our Submariners for their Skill - Courage and Devotion which has proved of inestimable value to the sustenance of our country.

Winston Churchill

We Will Remember Them

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