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Roll Of Honour

Affray (P421)

1943 - 1977: Amphion Class

Lost on 16th April 1951 through flooding caused by fractured snorkel in Hurd Deep, off Alderney

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Roll of Honour

O Allen  Lieutenant (E)
J Alston  Lieutenant (E)
T Andrews  Sargent Royal Marine
G Ashley  Leading Stoker
J Barlow  Leading Steward
D Bartrup  Electrical Mechanician 1st Class
D Beddoes  Steward
D Bennington  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
W Bilton  Lieutenant (E)
J Blackburn  Lieutenant DSC
O Bridges  Stoker
A Burberry  Acting Chief Petty Officer Stoker
R Cardno  Stoker
M Cole-Adams  Lieutenant (E)
A Cook  Leading Seaman
J Cooper  Petty Officer
R Curry  Stoker
F Denny  A/Elec
F Drury  Stoker
D Foster  Lieutenant
A Frew  Sub-Lieutenant
A Garwood  Sub-Lieutenant
H Gittins  Telegraphist
B Gostling  Stoker
W Green  Leading Seaman
J Greenwood  Lieutenant
W Harkness  Petty Officer
R Hiles  Stoker
A Hooper  Marine Royal Marine
E Horwell  Electrical Mechanician 1st Class
R Howard-Johnson  Sub-Lieutenant
A Irven  Telegraphist
D Jarvis  Marine Royal Marine
W Kirkwood  Lieutenant
R Lansberry  Lieutenant RNVR
G Larter  Stoker
G Leakey  Able Seaman
N Lees  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
W Lewis  Stoker
W Linton  Sub-Lieutenant
W Longstaff  Sub-Lieutenant
C Mackenzie  Sub-Lieutenant
R Mackenzie-Edwards  Sub-Lieutenant
J McKenzie  Chief Engine Room Artificer
J Miller  Leading Stoker
H Nickalls  Sub-Lieutenant
R North  Sub-Lieutenant
P Pane  Able Seaman
G Parker  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
D Pearson  Acting Petty Officer
A Ramplin  Stoker
R reston  Sub-Lieutenant
A Rewcastle  Sub-Lieutenant
J Rutter  A/RE
F Shaw  Lieutenant (E)
E Shergold  Corporal Royal Marine
F Smith  Cook
J Smith  Stoker
A Stewart  Able Seaman
J Strachan  Sub-Lieutenant
M Taylor  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class
N Temple  Stoker
J Thirkettle  Acting Petty Officer Stoker
J Treleaven  Lieutenant (E)
V Trimby  Acting Leading Stoker
R Tugman  Sub-Lieutenant
R Vincent  Steward
A Welch  Lieutenant (E)
R Whitbread  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist
F Woods  Petty Officer Telegraphist
B Worsfold  Leading Telegraphist


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