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1911 - 1924: E Class

Submarine E3 had been detailed to patrol off the Island of Borkum in the North Sea. However Submarine E3 was sighted, whilst on the surface, by the German U-Boat U-27. The Commander of U-27 fired his torpedoes and sank E3. It is reported that four of the crew were seen in the water after the Submarine sank but the Commander of U-27 (Lieutenant Commander Bernhard Wegener) was unwilling to close the area to make a rescue as he was concerned that there was another British Submarine in the area. When he finally closed the area of the sinking all four had vanished. As a result all of the crew of Submarine E3 died in the sinking.

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Roll of Honour

J G Barrow  Acting Sub-Lieutenant
W A Beal  Stoker
Beckwith  Stoker
C E Blake  Engine Room Artificer
G F Cholmley  Lieutenant Commander
A J Douglas  Stoker
F W Edroff  Petty Officer
H J Harris  Petty Officer
R S Hellon  Engine Room Artificer
Hunt  Engine Room Artificer
Jones  Able Seaman
W G Lowman  Able Seaman
G W Macfarlane  Chief Petty Officer
Matheson  Chief Stoker
P C Merritt  Stoker Petty Officer
A L Morgan  Signalman
Querotret  Able Seaman
Scott  Stoker
JSB Scott, John Stuart B  Lieutenant
Stothard  Engine Room Artificer
G H Tanner  Leading Seaman
G W Taylor  Ordinary Seaman
J W Westrope  Leading Seaman
Whittington  Stoker
Young  Able Seaman

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