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1911 - 1924: E Class

On 7th March 1916 Submarine E5 was on patrol in the North Sea north of Juist Island when it was sighted by a German Battle Cruiser SMS Seydlitz. An attack was carried out on the Submarine - apparently without effect. Later a Submarine, believed to be E5, was sighted by German Cruiser SMS Regensburg further east and close by a German minefield off the west of the Ems River. Submarine E5 was not seen again and is thought to have been lost in the minefield.

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Roll of Honour

Aldred  Stoker
W J Arnold  Petty Officer
H W Atkinson  Able Seaman
H S Bacon  Leading Seaman
J T Bassett  Leading Seaman
W A Bonner  Leading Stoker
J W Brewer  Stoker
Buchanan  Engine Room Artificer RNR
A J Carles  Lieutenant
Carter  Engine Room Artificer
R L Chinn  Stoker
EDF Collier  Acting Lieutenant RNR
A T Crane  Leading Telegraphist
C H Dadford  Stoker
A D Dale  Stoker
F W Davis  Engine Room Artificer
R T Dimsdale  Lieutenant
W H Dumelow  Stoker
Dwyer  Stoker
H D Edwards  Lieutenant Commander DSO
Elliot  Engine Room Artificer
Goff  Stoker
G J Hayward  Stoker
Hazelton  Boy Telegraphist
C R Hood  Able Seaman
E W Hunt  Petty Officer
Jarvis  Stoker
G W Jecock  Able Seaman
H W Kingcome  Signalman
J F Lane  Stoker
Lefever  Able Seaman
G F Moore  Stoker
E R Morris  Chief Engine Room Artificer
H F Norton  Able Seaman
C J Oates  Able Seaman
A R Owen  Petty Officer
Parker  Able Seaman
Parrell  Chief Engine Room Artificer
A J Pendred  Petty Officer
H A Powell  Leading Stoker
HAV Puckhaber  Petty Officer DSM
A J Rayer  Leading Stoker
EFO Regan  Able Seaman
C F Rice  Engine Room Artificer
Rook  Leading Stoker
W E Shepherd  Boy Telegraphist
W H Skinner  Leading Stoker
H T Skoyles  Able Seaman
Smith  Stoker
A R Thirlwell  Able Seaman
Trebble  Able Seaman
W R Woodland  Engine Room Artificer

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