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1911 - 1924: E Class

On 22 August 1916, E16 was sighted on the surface some thirty-five miles east of Yarmouth by the sister submarine E38. A group of warships was also sighted by E38 a short while later. Splashes were seen on the surface in the distance which may have been depth charges exploding. There were also reports of German warships attacking a periscope on the same day. E16 did not return from patrol and was presumed to have been lost.

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Roll of Honour

J W Anfield  Leading Seaman
F J Beard  Leading Seaman
E W Bevan  Engine Room Artificer DSM
Bowler  Able Seaman
W H Bulbeck  Able Seaman
Butcher  Able Seaman
A G Cameron  Sub-Lieutenant DSC & MID
Carpenter  Stoker
W G Castle  Petty Officer
S A Claridge  Telegraphist
K J Duff-Dunbar  Lieutenant Commander DSO
Edkins  Stoker
P J Frampton  Able Seaman
A D Gibson-Carmichael  Sub-Lieutenant
H H Grice  Stoker
Hegarty  Stoker
Horgan  Stoker Petty Officer
Lake  Petty Officer
G E Morgan  Engine Room Artificer
E J Page  Able Seaman
H W Peerless 
W G Pickering  Leading Stoker
J S Prior  Stoker
W S Reid  Chief Engine Room Artificer RNR
P W Sharps  Stoker
Thornton  Leading Seaman
A E Wade  Engine Room Artificer DSM
Wilbraham  Engine Room Artificer

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