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Roll Of Honour


1911 - 1924: E Class

E18 was due to report in to Dagerot on the 2nd of June. Recently laid mines along the submarine's course home the likely cause for E18's loss

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Roll of Honour

EAT Bagg  Chief Petty Officer
W G Bass  Leading Seaman
F Clack  Petty Officer
D N Colson  Sub-Lieutenant DSC
P Duffield  Stoker
C H Edwards  Leading Telegraphist
E A Fox  Stoker
M H Fuller  Engine Room Artificer
G Gaby  Telegraphist
J K Galloway  Engine Room Artificer RNR
C F Godward  Able Seaman
T Guest  Stoker
R C Halahan  Lieutenant Commander
A Hall  Stoker
H T Harris  Leading Stoker
C W Holland  Engine Room Artificer
W L Landale  Lieutenant
F L Maddox  Able Seaman
PJP Nye  Stoker
J R Percy  Leading Stoker
A P Phillips  Leading Stoker
W G Powell  Able Seaman
E Pritchett  Able Seaman
E W Ruaux  Leading Seaman
S A Sheppard  Chief Stoker
W C Spencer  Engine Room Artificer
P Stevenson  Stoker
C W Turrall  Petty Officer
S Welsh  Able Seaman
F White  Leading Seaman


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