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1911 - 1924: E Class

E24 sailed from Harwich on Tuesday 21 March 1916 with orders to carry out a Mine Laying Operation in the Heligoland Bight. The Submarine did not return from this operation and is assumed to have been mined on or about Friday 24 March 1916.

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Roll of Honour

Bass  Engine Room Artificer Served As Bastarrechea
Bennett  Leading Seaman
R E Birch  Lieutenant
S E Brown  Stoker
V H Campbell Lovell  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class
A J Carpenter  Leading Telegraphist
C M Connolly  Stoker
G E Deves  Stoker
Egan  Able Seaman
S D Fitzwalter  Engine Room Artificer
A J Flack  Leading Seaman
A E Ford  Leading Stoker
E W Gange  Able Seaman
RMW Greiffenhagen  Lieutenant
G A Harris  Acting Lieutenant RNR
W H Hawke  Leading Seaman
Keat  Leading Seaman
W L Kelley  Stoker
T A Kirby  Able Seaman
Maeers  Able Seaman
Martin  Engine Room Artificer
GWE Naper  Lieutenant Commander
Oakley  Stoker Petty Officer
R H Rogers  Petty Officer
Scarlett  Engine Room Artificer
W H Sewell  Able Seaman
F A Trendem  Able Seaman
W J Watts  Stoker
E F Willcox  Stoker
R H Wilson  Engine Room Artificer
Witchell  Stoker

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