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Roll Of Honour

Surnames containing "Ley"

Arkley  Stoker 1st Class P222
Ashley  Leading Stoker Affray (P421)
Astley  Stoker 1st Class Traveller (N48)
Baddeley  Signalman P48
Bailey  Stoker 1st Class H31
J E Bailey  Stoker Petty Officer H10
P J Bailey  Electrician Truculent (P315)
Bartley  Leading Stoker Unique (N95)
Bayley  Able Seaman Olympus (N35)
Bazley  Telegraphist Seahorse (S98)
Beardsley  Able Seaman Syrtis (P241)
Bentley  Lieutenant P514
Bentley  Able Seaman E47
H J Bentley  Leading Stoker E30
Billingsley  Able Seaman Turbulent (N98)
Bleakley  Leading Stoker Stonehenge (P232)
E W Bowley  Able Seaman E30
Bradley  Leading Stoker D5
Bradley  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class K13
Bradley  Able Seaman Thunderbolt (N25)
JRI Brierley  Sub-Lieutenant J6
Buckley  Lieutenant P311
Cayley  Commander P311
G F Cholmley  Lieutenant Commander E3
Coakley  Leading Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
F E Cooley  Able Seaman E4
W C Cooley  Petty Officer K17
Crawley-Bovey  Lieutenant Tigris (N63)
J F Crowley  Petty Officer A7
Deeley  Stoker 1st Class Tetrarch (N77)
C H Dudley  Leading Stoker E4
Dunkerley  Lieutenant Commander Thames (N71)
Fazackerley  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class P33
Gauntley  Able Seaman P615
Gormley  Able Seaman Talisman (N78)
Hadley  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Hadley  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Hammersley  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Tarpon (N17)
Harley  Telegraphist H31
Hartley  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Odin (N84)
Hartley  Stoker 1st Class P222
Healey  Leading Seaman Thistle (N24)
Healey  Leading Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Hedley  Stoker Petty Officer Grampus (N56)
Hickley  Sub-Lieutenant Vandal (P64)
Hurley  Able Seaman H31
S H Jolley  Petty Officer E20
W L Kelley  Stoker E24
Kimberley  Chief Engine Room Artificer P311
Langley  Lieutenant Swordfish (N61)
A  Lawley  Able Seaman L24
H N Lesley  Lieutenant G9
E P Ley  Engine Room Artificer E26
Livesley  Lieutenant Undaunted (N55)
Loxley  Able Seaman Odin (N84)
Malley  Stoker Petty Officer Syrtis (P241)
Manley  Petty Officer 1st Class A5
Manley  Lieutenant Oxley (P55)
J T Manley  Engine Room Artificer Truculent (P315)
McCauley  Stoker Petty Officer Stratagem (P234)
Medley  Stoker 1st Class P33
Morley  Able Seaman Unbeaten (N93)
Morley  Able Seaman G9
F E Oakeley  Lieutenant D2
Oakley  Stoker Petty Officer E24
Oxley  Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Oxley   Engine Room Artificer 1st Class D6
Oxley  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class P615
Pashley  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Grampus (N56)
R I Pulleyne  Lieutenant E34
Ridley  Able Seaman Turbulent (N98)
Riley  Leading Seaman Unique (N95)
Ripley  Stoker 1st Class Olympus (N35)
Rowley  Able Seaman Urge (N17)
Rowley  Petty Officer K4
Seeley  Leading Steward Pandora (N42)
Shelley  Assistant Steward Triad (N53)
Shipley  Leading Steward Tempest (N86)
Shipley  Able Seaman Swordfish (N61)
Shipley  Stoker 1st Class P38
Stanley  Stoker 1st Class Thunderbolt (N25)
Stanley  Stoker 2nd Class Perseus (N36)
Stapley  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Swordfish (N61)
Staveley  Chief Engine Room Artificer Pheonix (N96)
Tiley  Leading Seaman Oxley (P55)
Tilley  Leading Stoker K17
JTP Tilley  Engine Room Artificer D5
Tolley  Leading Signalman Talisman (N78)
Varley  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Urge (N17)
Weatherley  Petty Officer Steward Turbulent (N98)
CMA Wellesley  Lieutenant (E) K4
Whalley  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Perseus (N36)
J A Wheatley  Lieutenant L10
Whitley  Engine Room Artificer X7
Windley  Able Seaman Seahorse (S98)
A J Winstanley  Petty Officer & Coxswain C11
W A Yearsley  Stoker E13

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