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Roll Of Honour

Surnames containing "Ley"

Name Boat Rank Number Hons Age
Arkley, George William  P222 Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 86682    27
Arkley, George William D/KX 86682 DoB 08/10/1915 Age 27. CWGC has Age 35
Ashley, George Thomas Eric  Affray (P421) Leading Stoker  P/KX 134325    28
Astley, Stuart  Traveller (N48) Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 122366    26
Baddeley, Clifford  P48 Signalman  P/SSX 20694    22
Bagley, Arthur John  Anzac (P431) Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 75549    24
Bailey, James Edward  H10 Stoker Petty Officer  284867    39
Bailey, Joseph Stanley  H31 Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 117457    24
CWGC has C/KX 117457 In ADM104/127 P144 Service number is given as C/JX 227846
Bailey, Philip John  Truculent (P315) Electrician      26
Barkley, Kenneth  Phoenix (N96) Lieutenant      27
Bartley, Andrew  Unique (N95) Leading Stoker  D/KX 81278    30
Bayley, Harry  Olympus (N35) Able Seaman  D/JX 237586    24
Bazley, Herbert George  Seahorse (S98) Telegraphist  D/JX 135256    24
Beardsley, Albert  Syrtis (P241) Able Seaman  P/JX 159090    21
Bentley, Claude Albert  P514 Lieutenant      26
Bentley, Harry James  E30 Leading Stoker  298302  MID  35
At birth Bentley, James Harry served as Bentley, Harry James.
Bentley, Henry  E47 Able Seaman  J21845    20
Billingsley, Morgan Ensor  Turbulent (N98) Able Seaman  D/JX 212938  DSC  21
Blackley, James Hamilton  Syrtis (P241) Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  C/MX 504341    19
Bleakley, Christopher  Stonehenge (P232) Leading Stoker  C/KX 91459    25
Bowley, Ernest William  E30 Able Seaman  239811    24
Bradley, Frederick  D5 Leading Stoker  302220    29
At birth Bradley, Frederick Elkin Served as Bradley, Frederick
Bradley, Tom  K13 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  272472    24
Bradley, William Michael McKinlay  Thunderbolt (N25) Able Seaman  C/JX 204483    33
Breeley, Alfred  E49 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  M 11286    24
Brierley, James Roger Ingham  J6 Sub Lieutenant      22
Buckley, Cecil  P311 Lieutenant      27
Cayley, Richard Douglas  P311 Commander    DSO**  36
Cholmley, George Francis  E3 Lieutenant Commander      32
Commanding Officer
Coakley, Patrick  Triumph (N18) Leading Telegraphist  D/KX 88094    27
Cooley, Frank Henry  E4 Able Seaman  J1314    23
Cooley, Henry  Traveller (N48) Telegraphist  C/JX 166344    20
Cooley, William Clark  K17 Petty Officer  227154    30
Crawley-Boevey, Thomas Roger  Tigris (N63) Sub Lieutenant      21
Crowley, John Francis  A7 Petty Officer  210582    29
Naval History:- Has Crowley Joseph F P.O. 353096. ADM104:- Has Crowley John Francis P.O. 210582
Deeley, Stanley  Tetrarch (N77) Stoker 1st Class  P/K 66174    36
Dudley, Charles Henry  E4 Leading Stoker  K 6508    26
Dunkerley, William Donald  Thames (N71) Lieutenant Commander      32
Commanding Officer
Fazackerley, Joseph  P33 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  D/SKX 923    26
Foley, John Frederick  M1 Able Seaman  J 48199    26
Foley, John Thomas  Talisman (N78) Leading Steward  D/LX 22224    29
Gauntley, Stanley  P615 Able Seaman  P/JX 275103    22
Gormley, Francis Joseph  Talisman (N78) Able Seaman  D/JX 169386    23
Hadley, Albert Edward  Olympus (N35) Telegraphist  P/JX 128290    31
Hadley, William Kerly  Turbulent (N98) Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist  P/J 107992    34
Hammersley, Arthur Frank Cullimore  Tarpon (N17) Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  D/MX 46764    32
Hammersley, Rupert Lawrence  L55 Leading Seaman  J 5015    25
Harley, William Leonard George  H31 Telegraphist  C/JX 190830    25
Hartley, Albert Ernest  Perseus (N36) Steward  D/LX 23842    28
Hartley, John  Odin (N84) Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  D/M 38404    31
Hartley, William  P222 Chief Petty Officer  D/KX 85352    27
Hawley, Frederick  H47 Able Seaman  J 105790    22
Headley, Alfred Norman  E37 Lieutenant      31
Healey, Alfred  Porpoise (N14) Petty Officer Stoker  D/KX 82866    35
Healey, Michael William  Thistle (N24) Leading Seaman  P/JX 13549    30
Hedley, Walter  Grampus (N56) Stoker Petty Officer  P/KX 79193    31
Hensley, Robert Daniel  G2 Stoker Petty Officer     
Washed overboard and drowned in the Comino Channel at Malta 05/01/1918
Hickley, James Henry  Varangian (P61) Sub Lieutenant      22
Hickley, James Henry  Vandal (P64) Sub Lieutenant      22
Hurley, John Bartle  H31 Able Seaman  P/JX 263581    20
CWGC has P/JX 263581 In ADM104/132 P1209 Service number is given as P/JX 203581
Jolley, Sidney Harry  E20 Petty Officer  226676    29
Kelley, William Luxton  E24 Stoker 1st Class  K 9685    22
RN DoB 01/03/1890. Actual DoB 01/03/1894
Kimberley, Cyril  P311 Chief Engine Room Artificer  D/M 38795    33
Langley, Michael Armitage  Swordfish (N61) Lieutenant    DSC  28
Commanding Officer
Lawley, Arthur Reginald  L24 Able Seaman  J 26961    27
Lesley, Henry Norman  G9 Lieutenant      27
Ley, Edward Percy  E26 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  270586    35
Lilley, Roger Arthur  L55 Electrical Artificer 4th Class  M 29898    21
Loxley, Ronald  Odin (N84) Able Seaman  D/JX 135972    24
Malley, Leslie  Syrtis (P241) Stoker Petty Officer  C/KX 82455    29
Manley, Arthur  A5 Petty Officer 1st Class  146205    32
Died of injuries at Haulbowline Hospital
Manley, Frederick Kirk  Oxley (P55) Lieutenant      30
Lieutenant RNR
Manley, Jack Steven  Truculent (P315) Electrical Artificer  D/MX 57836    30
McCauley, Thomas  Stratagem (P234) Stoker Petty Officer  P/K 65360    38
Medley, John  P33 Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 81457    27
Morley, Gilbert Edgar  Unbeaten (N93) Able Seaman  C/HD/X 63    26
Morley, Harry  G9 Able Seaman  237733    26
Oakeley, Francis Eckley  D2 Lieutenant      23
Oakley, George  E24 Stoker Petty Officer  286552    37
Oxley, Eric George  Perseus (N36) Petty Officer  C/J 110824    32
Oxley, George  Varangian (P61) Telegraphist  D/JX 23003    43
Oxley, George  Vandal (P64) Telegraphist  D/JX 230037    43
Also had Service Number J110824
Oxley, Gilbert  D6 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  271718 (Po)    35
Accidentally lost overboard in the North Sea 11/09/1916
Oxley, John Henry  P615 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  C/MX 77968    33
Pashley, Paul Wattam  Grampus (N56) Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  C/MX 49883    31
Pulleyne, Richard Ivor  E34 Lieutenant    DSO*  29
Commanding Officer
Ridley, Robert Rowcroft  Turbulent (N98) Able Seaman  P/JX 191213  DSM  23
Riley, Herbert  K5 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class  M 4194    34
Riley, James  Triton (N15) Stoker Petty Officer  D/KX 80160    30
Riley, Leslie John  Unique (N95) Leading Seaman  C/JX 144677    23
Ripley, James  Olympus (N35) Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 90797    23
Rowley, John Kenneth  Urge (N17) Able Seaman  C/SSX 21371  DSM  27
Rowley, William  K4 Petty Officer  215872  DSM  34
At birth Rowley, William Thomas Served as Rowley, William. RN DoB 15/09/1883. Actual 15/09/1880
Seeley, Henry  Pandora (N42) Leading Steward  C/LX22470    22
Shelley, George Alfred  Triad (N53) Assistant Steward  C/LX 23743    27
Shipley, Edward  Tempest (N86) Leading Steward  P/LX 21906    26
Shipley, James Henry Newton  Swordfish (N61) Able Seaman  P/JX 145303    20
Shipley, Philip  P38 Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 111361    20
Smedley, Frank  Usurper (P56) Able Seaman  D/JX 237791    21
Spratley, Percival  M1 Telegraphist  J 69385    24
Stanley, Clifford  Thunderbolt (N25) Stoker 1st Class  D/KX 118463    21
Stanley, Patrick Joseph  Unbeaten (N93) Leading Stoker  P/KX 92269  DSM  27
Stanley, Sidney James  Perseus (N36) Stoker 2nd Class  C/SKX 165    22
Stanley, Victor Alexander  P222 Ordinary Seaman  C/JX 327418    20
Stapley, Ernest William  Swordfish (N61) Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  P/MX 56585    22
Staveley, John Richard  Phoenix (N96) Able Seaman  C/JX 132582    27
Stickley, Frederick  C30 Petty Officer     
Died of pneumonia 28/11/1918 in the Haslar Royal Naval Hospital.
Tiley, Frederick James  Oxley (P55) Leading Seaman  D/J109077    32
Tilley, Edmund  K17 Leading Stoker  K10609    27
Tilley, John Thomas Percival  D5 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  272256    23
Tilley, Robert James  E49 Able Seaman  J 11627    22
Tolley, George William  Talisman (N78) Leading Signalman  P/SSX 31689    21
Varley, Eric  Urge (N17) Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  D/MX 52497  MID  28
Walmsley, Charles Henry  Tetrarch (N77) Lieutenant    MID  27
From HMS/m Upright
Walmsley, James  Triumph (N18) Leading Steward  C/LX 21728    29
Weatherley, James William  Turbulent (N98) Petty Officer Steward  P/LX 22249    24
Wellesley, Claud Michael Ashmore  K4 Lieutenant      27
Whalley, John  Perseus (N36) Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class  D/MX 48772    32
Whatley, Emrys  Trooper (N91) Able Seaman  D/SSX 33731    22
Wheatley, James Atkinson  L10 Lieutenant      22
Whitley, William  Anzac (P431) Stoker 1st Class  C/K 60695    26
Whitley, William Marriner  X7 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  D/MX 73499  MID  28
Lost in Operation Source, raid on Tirpitz
Windley, Harry Spencer  Seahorse (S98) Able Seaman  C/JX 137778    23
Winstanley, Albert John  C11 Petty Officer Coxswain  203635    27
Woolley, John Edward  Stratagem (P234) Leading Telegraphist  P/JX 258173    24
Worsley, James  Regulus (N88) Stoker 1st Class  P/KX 83976    27
Yardley, Kenneth James  Thorn (N11) Ordinary Seaman  D/JX 160490    20
Yardley, Kenneth James D/JX 160490 CWGC has D/JX 160450
Yearsley, Walter Albert  E13 Stoker  K 3223    24

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A Tribute To Submariners

I have often looked for an opportunity of paying tribute to our submariners.

There is no branch of His Majesty's Forces which in this war has suffered the same proportion of total loss as our submarine service.

It is the most dangerous of all services.

That is perhaps the reason why the First Lord tells me that the entry into it is keenly sought by Officers and Men.

I feel sure the House would wish to testify its gratitude and admiration to our Submariners for their Skill - Courage and Devotion which has proved of inestimable value to the sustenance of our country.

Winston Churchill

We Will Remember Them

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