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Roll Of Honour

Surnames containing "Ward"

A S Coward  Chief Engine Room Artificer E47
Edwards  Able Seaman C34
B C Edwards  Leading Seaman E34
C H Edwards  Leading Telegraphist E18
Edwards  Able Seaman Stonehenge (P232)
Edwards  Stoker Petty Officer Grampus (N56)
E W Edwards  Leading Seaman H3
Edwards  Leading Stoker Odin (N84)
Edwards  Leading Stoker P32
H D Edwards  Lieutenant Commander E5
Edwards  Able Seaman Rainbow (N16)
K K Edwards  Ship Fitter Truculent (P315)
Edwards  Stoker Petty Officer Thames (N71)
L G Edwards  Able Seaman P615
T C Edwards  Leading Radio Elec Mech Truculent (P315)
Edwards  Leading Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Gatward  Able Seaman Thistle (N24)
C F Godward  Able Seaman E18
Haward  Lieutenant Commander Sterlet (N22)
Hayward  Chief Engine Room Artificer Triad (N53)
G J Hayward  Stoker E5
Hayward  Leading Stoker L10
Hayward  Leading Stoker Rainbow (N16)
Howard  Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Thistle (N24)
Howard  Able Seaman Stonehenge (P232)
F J Howard  Leading Stoker K13
Howard  Petty Officer Stratagem (P234)
Howard  Leading Seaman P48
Howard  Able Seaman Thames (N71)
Howard-Johnson  Sub-Lieutenant Affray (P421)
Mackenzie-Edwards  Sub-Lieutenant Affray (P421)
McEdward  Able Seaman Talisman (N78)
A R Ward  Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class D3
Ward  Telegraphist P514
Ward  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class Swordfish (N61)
Ward  Able Seaman H41
J J Ward  Stoker E4
Ward  Stoker Petty Officer Saracen (P247)
Wardale  Able Seaman Simoom (P225)
Warde  Lieutenant K17
Warden  Leading Stoker Thistle (N24)
S R Warden  Able Seaman E47
Wardle  Lieutenant Sterlet (N22)
Wardrop  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Perseus (N36)
Woodward  Leading Seaman Oxley (P55)
Woodward  Leading Stoker Porpoise (N14)

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