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Ranks containing "Telegraphist"

Beddie  Acting Leading Telegraphist Umpire (N82)
Denison  Boy Telegraphist E4
Hazelton  Boy Telegraphist E5
H J Knapp  Boy Telegraphist G8
R M Nicoll  Boy Telegraphist G9
H P Sexton  Boy Telegraphist J6
W E Shepherd  Boy Telegraphist E5
JGM Thompson  Boy Telegraphist H5
H F Watson  Boy Telegraphist C29
Duckham  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Narwhal (N45)
Guppy  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Rainbow (N16)
Hadley  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Hardaker  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Hinds  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Palmer  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Salmon (N65)
Paxton  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Grampus (N56)
Ravensdale  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Sunfish (N81)
Wardrop  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Perseus (N36)
Whitbread  Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Affray (P421)
Absolom  Leading Telegraphist P222
Appleby  Leading Telegraphist Usurper (P56)
Ashford  Leading Telegraphist Urge (N17)
Baines  Leading Telegraphist Tempest (N86)
W F Baker  Leading Telegraphist L10
Beaton  Leading Telegraphist Talisman (N78)
Bevis  Leading Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
Bevis  Leading Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Bigglestone  Leading Telegraphist Sickle (P224)
Blake  Leading Telegraphist Upholder (N99)
Blane  Leading Telegraphist Thunderbolt (N25)
Brookes  Leading Telegraphist Sickle (P224)
Brown  Leading Telegraphist P311
Bryson  Leading Telegraphist Sterlet (N22)
Caie  Leading Telegraphist H49
A J Carpenter  Leading Telegraphist E24
Carruthers  Leading Telegraphist
Chapman  Leading Telegraphist Undaunted (N55)
R W Clinton  Leading Telegraphist P615
Coakley  Leading Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
Cockburn  Leading Telegraphist Utmost (N19)
A T Crane  Leading Telegraphist E5
Crosby  Leading Telegraphist Saracen (P247)
Dennis  Leading Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Dixon  Leading Telegraphist Sterlet (N22)
East  Leading Telegraphist Triton (N15)
C H Edwards  Leading Telegraphist E18
Edwards  Leading Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Ellison  Leading Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Ethell  Leading Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
Evans  Leading Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Firth  Leading Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Foreman  Leading Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Foster  Leading Telegraphist Rainbow (N16)
Galloway  Leading Telegraphist Splendid (P228)
Hale  Leading Telegraphist Odin (N84)
Harvey  Leading Telegraphist Tarpon (N17)
Healey  Leading Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Hewett  Leading Telegraphist Thames (N71)
L C Higgins  Leading Telegraphist Truculent (P315)
Hitchcock  Leading Telegraphist Regent (N41)
Hobbs  Leading Telegraphist Snapper (N39)
Jackson  Leading Telegraphist Triton (N15)
Jones  Leading Telegraphist Triton (N15)
Jones  Leading Telegraphist Pandora (N42)
Kennedy  Leading Telegraphist Simoom (P225)
Kerry  Leading Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Kirby  Leading Telegraphist Regulus (N88)
G A Knight  Leading Telegraphist K17
Landers  Leading Telegraphist Oxley (P55)
Lickiss  Leading Telegraphist Tetrarch (N77)
Lord  Leading Telegraphist P311
Lowe  Leading Telegraphist G8
Mallett  Leading Telegraphist Salmon (N65)
Marchant  Leading Telegraphist Narwhal (N45)
McDonald  Leading Telegraphist
McLellan  Leading Telegraphist Simoom (P225)
McMahon  Leading Telegraphist P33
McMann  Leading Telegraphist Swordfish (N61)
A J Miller  Leading Telegraphist E50
Miller  Leading Telegraphist Odin (N84)
Mitchell  Leading Telegraphist Regulus (N88)
Morris  Leading Telegraphist Triad (N53)
Murray  Leading Telegraphist Thunderbolt (N25)
C J Newnham Amoore  Leading Telegraphist E34
Nicholson  Leading Telegraphist Traveller (N48)
Parker  Leading Telegraphist Rainbow (N16)
Parker  Leading Telegraphist Syrtis (P241)
Perkins  Leading Telegraphist Tarpon (N17)
Piper  Leading Telegraphist Unbeaten (N93)
Playfield  Leading Telegraphist Untamed (P58)
Price  Leading Telegraphist P615
Ranken  Leading Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Richardson  Leading Telegraphist Perseus (N36)
Richardson  Leading Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Robinson  Leading Telegraphist P38
Rogers  Leading Telegraphist Urge (N17)
Sargeant  Leading Telegraphist Stonehenge (P232)
Shoebridge  Leading Telegraphist H41
L W Smith  Leading Telegraphist E4
TMH Smith  Leading Telegraphist E47
Smythe  Leading Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
Stroud  Leading Telegraphist Salmon (N65)
Thomas  Leading Telegraphist Tigris (N63)
Thomas  Leading Telegraphist Oxley (P55)
Thompson  Leading Telegraphist H41
Tonks  Leading Telegraphist Swordfish (N61)
Tucker  Leading Telegraphist Tigris (N63)
Turnbull  Leading Telegraphist Unique (N95)
Turner  Leading Telegraphist Regent (N41)
Tuson  Leading Telegraphist Spearfish (N69)
Voss  Leading Telegraphist Odin (N84)
Walker  Leading Telegraphist K4
Walker  Leading Telegraphist Salmon (N65)
Waye  Leading Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
Weir  Leading Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
Westbrook  Leading Telegraphist Triad (N53)
P W White  Leading Telegraphist E10
G H Wicksted  Leading Telegraphist J6
Worsfold  Leading Telegraphist Affray (P421)
Gregory  Ordinary Telegraphist Upholder (N99)
Hartshorn  Ordinary Telegraphist Undaunted (N55)
ESO Holt  Ordinary Telegraphist E13
GJT Sanger  Ordinary Telegraphist D3
J F Smith  Ordinary Telegraphist D6
Starkey  Ordinary Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
acques  Petty Officer Telegraphist Sterlet (N22)
Adams  Petty Officer Telegraphist P311
Anderson  Petty Officer Telegraphist Upholder (N99)
Andrews  Petty Officer Telegraphist Upholder (N99)
G  Baldwin  Petty Officer Telegraphist K4
Beckett  Petty Officer Telegraphist P38
Biddulph  Petty Officer Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Blewett  Petty Officer Telegraphist Unbeaten (N93)
Brookling  Petty Officer Telegraphist P48
Butcher  Petty Officer Telegraphist Triton (N15)
Carlton  Petty Officer Telegraphist Spearfish (N69)
Carter  Petty Officer Telegraphist P514
Clark  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thames (N71)
Cochrane  Petty Officer Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
Davidson  Petty Officer Telegraphist Sickle (P224)
Davies  Petty Officer Telegraphist Usurper (P56)
Diggens  Petty Officer Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
Ellin  Petty Officer Telegraphist Simoom (P225)
Elphick  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thorn (N11)
Finn  Petty Officer Telegraphist Traveller (N48)
Frampton  Petty Officer Telegraphist Grampus (N56)
Freeman  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thunderbolt (N25)
Goddard  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Green  Petty Officer Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
Groom  Petty Officer Telegraphist Oxley (P55)
Hammond  Petty Officer Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Hornsby  Petty Officer Telegraphist Tetrarch (N77)
Jacobs  Petty Officer Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Kerry  Petty Officer Telegraphist P222
King  Petty Officer Telegraphist Undaunted (N55)
Livingstone  Petty Officer Telegraphist Tetrarch (N77)
Lynch  Petty Officer Telegraphist Pandora (N42)
McClure  Petty Officer Telegraphist Regulus (N88)
H G Moller  Petty Officer Telegraphist G9
Northwood  Petty Officer Telegraphist Swordfish (N61)
Pace  Petty Officer Telegraphist Stonehenge (P232)
TM Parkhurst  Petty Officer Telegraphist L24
Passmore  Petty Officer Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Pearce  Petty Officer Telegraphist Stratagem (P234)
Penn  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Pepper  Petty Officer Telegraphist P615
ECL Phillips  Petty Officer Telegraphist Truculent (P315)
Porter  Petty Officer Telegraphist Usk (N65)
Powell  Petty Officer Telegraphist Syrtis (P241)
Pughe  Petty Officer Telegraphist Seahorse (S98)
Regan  Petty Officer Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Ribbans  Petty Officer Telegraphist H41
Sanders  Petty Officer Telegraphist Tempest (N86)
Sinden  Petty Officer Telegraphist Odin (N84)
Smith  Petty Officer Telegraphist Regulus (N88)
L G Smith  Petty Officer Telegraphist Untamed (P58)
Stewart  Petty Officer Telegraphist G7
Storr  Petty Officer Telegraphist P222
Tindall  Petty Officer Telegraphist Thames (N71)
Walford  Petty Officer Telegraphist P32
K R West  Petty Officer Telegraphist Utmost (N19)
Wiseman  Petty Officer Telegraphist Urge (N17)
Wolverston  Petty Officer Telegraphist P33
Woods  Petty Officer Telegraphist Affray (P421)
Yuille  Petty Officer Telegraphist Union (N56)
Ackroyd  Telegraphist Narwhal (N45)
Adamson  Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
Attride  Telegraphist Usk (N65)
G P Back  Telegraphist G11
Baillie  Telegraphist Narwhal (N45)
Barnett  Telegraphist P32
Bazley  Telegraphist Seahorse (S98)
Benson  Telegraphist Sterlet (N22)
W H Bignell  Telegraphist E34
Bigrove  Telegraphist P615
Bird  Telegraphist Spearfish (N69)
Bond  Telegraphist Thorn (N11)
Bousell  Telegraphist Union (N56)
GJH Bowerman   Telegraphist E6
Bowers  Telegraphist Talisman (N78)
Boyd  Telegraphist Syrtis (P241)
Brady  Telegraphist Usk (N65)
Brewer  Telegraphist Tarpon (N17)
Brown  Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Bryson  Telegraphist P48
Carson  Telegraphist Usurper (P56)
Caspell  Telegraphist Simoom (P225)
Chadwick  Telegraphist Tarpon (N17)
Cheeseman  Telegraphist P311
S A Claridge  Telegraphist E16
C D Clayton  Telegraphist Sidon (P259)
Cliff  Telegraphist Stratagem (P234)
Cockle  Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
Combe  Telegraphist Seahorse (S98)
Cook  Telegraphist Pandora (N42)
Coulthard  Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Cox  Telegraphist Regent (N41)
Crossland  Telegraphist H41
Crummey  Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
Cucknell  Telegraphist Stonehenge (P232)
J B Dalgleish  Telegraphist E26
Dow  Telegraphist Untamed (P58)
Dowdell  Telegraphist H31
Drew  Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Eccles  Telegraphist Triad (N53)
Eldridge  Telegraphist Usurper (P56)
Farrington  Telegraphist Rainbow (N16)
Ferguson  Telegraphist P38
Frith  Telegraphist Unique (N95)
Fuller  Telegraphist Oxley (P55)
Furr  Telegraphist Unbeaten (N93)
Gaby  Telegraphist E18
Gasser  Telegraphist H49
Gittins  Telegraphist Affray (P421)
Gorman  Telegraphist Turbulent (N98)
Graham  Telegraphist Stratagem (P234)
Graham  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Green  Telegraphist Usk (N65)
Griffiths  Telegraphist Usurper (P56)
Gumbrell  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Haddon  Telegraphist Unbeaten (N93)
Hadley  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Hagerty  Telegraphist Syrtis (P241)
Hancock  Telegraphist
Harley  Telegraphist H31
Harnden  Telegraphist Grampus (N56)
Harris  Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
H W Henson  Telegraphist Umpire (N82)
Herbert  Telegraphist P222
Hibbert  Telegraphist Saracen (P247)
Holden  Telegraphist Perseus (N36)
Hull  Telegraphist H49
Hutchings  Telegraphist Traveller (N48)
Irven  Telegraphist Affray (P421)
Jackson  Telegraphist Tempest (N86)
Japp  Telegraphist Thunderbolt (N25)
Jenkinson  Telegraphist Seahorse (S98)
John  Telegraphist P48
Jones  Telegraphist E30
J R Jones  Telegraphist E30
Kerry  Telegraphist Tetrarch (N77)
G C King  Telegraphist D5
Lethbridge  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Long  Telegraphist Grampus (N56)
F E Lord  Telegraphist K17
Luker  Telegraphist Thistle (N24)
Lyons  Telegraphist P32
Mack  Telegraphist Regulus (N88)
Martin  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
McBride  Telegraphist Traveller (N48)
McLaren  Telegraphist C34
J  Mitchell  Telegraphist L24
L C Mitchell  Telegraphist Untamed (P58)
Morris  Telegraphist P33
Moss  Telegraphist C34
Musgrave  Telegraphist P514
Musgrove  Telegraphist Talisman (N78)
Newlands  Telegraphist Upholder (N99)
Oxley  Telegraphist Vandal (P64)
Palmer  Telegraphist Parthian (N75)
Patterson  Telegraphist P514
Pearson  Telegraphist Union (N56)
Phillips  Telegraphist Pheonix (N96)
Pover  Telegraphist E50
E T Powell  Telegraphist E37
Ralphson  Telegraphist Undaunted (N55)
Render  Telegraphist Perseus (N36)
Richlieu  Telegraphist Narwhal (N45)
Ricks  Telegraphist P222
TGH Roberts  Telegraphist H10
Scarlett  Telegraphist P48
Sherrif  Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
Smith  Telegraphist P33
Smith  Telegraphist Spearfish (N69)
Smith  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Spettigue  Telegraphist
Staff  Telegraphist Olympus (N35)
Strawbridge  Telegraphist Orpheus (N46)
Stribbling  Telegraphist Thames (N71)
Swift  Telegraphist Grampus (N56)
Taylor  Telegraphist Thames (N71)
Temporal  Telegraphist Triton (N15)
Thompson  Telegraphist Snapper (N39)
Underwood  Telegraphist Oxley (P55)
Venn  Telegraphist Unique (N95)
Walden  Telegraphist Salmon (N65)
Ward  Telegraphist P514
Watts  Telegraphist Pandora (N42)
Way  Telegraphist Odin (N84)
Webber  Telegraphist Porpoise (N14)
W M Weir  Telegraphist L10
West  Telegraphist Utmost (N19)
White  Telegraphist Triumph (N18)
Wilkinson  Telegraphist D2
Wilks  Telegraphist Regent (N41)
Williams  Telegraphist Utmost (N19)
Williams  Telegraphist Spearfish (N69)
Williams  Telegraphist Triad (N53)
Wood  Telegraphist Swordfish (N61)
Wood  Telegraphist Stonehenge (P232)

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