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LRO Andy Clarkson 1941 – 2020

Served on Aeneas, Auriga, Oberon, Odin, Orpheus and Oracle

Born: 31/12/1941
Crossed the Bar: 12/08/2020

This is a small tribute to a big man though never becoming an Admiral or winning the VC he was a Submariner’s Submariner, trusted, respected and liked by all on board. LRO Andy Clarkson was the ultimate professional and a damn good submariner with real interest in the wellbeing of others and upholding the great tradition of buddies in boats and all things to do with supporting the Submariners heritage and history.

Lost Submarines of
the 9th Flotilla

The 9th Submarine Flotilla served from 1940 to 1946. The flotilla was an international force comprised of British units along with Free French, Dutch, Norwegian and Polish crews after those countries had been overrun by the Nazis. Joined by Russian submarine crews from the summer of 1944.

A regular visitor to the annual Dundee Commemoration Day he fitted in the K13 and the DBF meetings whenever he could. He had noticed that Oxley and Thames crews were on the Submariners ROH but not the RN Liaison Team’s lost while serving on board the allied submarines working out of Dundee under the 9th Flotilla group.

First he mentioned it, then he requested it in his no nonsense Scottish brogue and finally demanded it when a glass or two from his orange bottle started to work.

Sadly Andy 'Crossed the Bar' last September before the amendment could be completed but he left the legacy of ensuring that the lost Submariner’s of the Allie’s 9th Flotilla were added to the long list of Submariner's who never returned.

Thanks Andy,
RIP buddy.
Espana Levante Submariners